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Long-term strategy in an ever-changing world

In today’s world things are changing pretty quickly, especially technology. This means new tactics that you have to keep learning and you are likely trying to compete against the competition 24/7.

It seems like you have to create a lot of content, and with social media your posts keep moving down in ranking while others posts keep replacing yours. The social media networks want to keep you on their platform to have your eyeballs for advertising.

In the video I outline why I use SEO, social networks and video.

SEO– Search Engine Optimization has been a popular concept for two decades. It’s been a game of getting higher rankings so that you get more traffic, meaning recurring traffic. A lot of the rankings come from reinforced backlinks and long tail keyword headlines.

Sticking with a micro niche and getting backlinks through an app like hootsuite. As you share blog posts on social networks your rankings will go up as you get traffic.

Social Networks– I think social networks are great for providing repeat traffic, but I see them as a way to get subscribers for a great opportunity to build a relationship over time through video. Social networks are competitive so do long video and utilize SEO like I discuss.

Video– I believe video is the future. It’s come so far over the years now that we have smart phones, YouTube, and LIVE videos like periscope and Facebook LIVE. I see video as an opportunity to build long-term relationships with educational training.

I’m working on 10 to 60 minute videos because I respect people’s time and I want them to learn what’s important that they can put into action right away. Stay tuned for future videos of mine about my favorite strategies.

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