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Marketing analytics, stats, and metrics

I thought I’d do a video on marketing analytics, data, stats, metrics and more.

I’ve been reviewing the google analytics dashboard the last few days and it’s something I use to do going back probably as far back as 2008. I use to track traffic in the early days of the internet around 1998 through a site hitbox.

There are so many variables to analyze with all of the data being collected I’ve now decided to track and focus on retention. I see that new traffic organically comes in, so I want to focus on retention and follow up.

I See SEO as a way to rank videos for traffic and views. Having subscribers on social media gives me an opportunity for follow up and get others to watch my videos for longer to learn from them.

Social media is great for follow up, but it doesn’t bring in a lot of new organic traffic. I want to use the videos for training and to build relationships.

I believe video is the future and it’s the best we have next to meeting in person. Video can create a lot of flexibility and time leverage for everyone.

What I love about SEO traffic is it’s recurring traffic whereas I don’t feel social media traffic has that repeat traffic. This brings me to the compound effect that I often talk about. Stay tuned to my Facebook group for more videos.

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