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Insecurity, Guilt, and Unworthiness when selling your MN house as-is fast

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You are coming here from previous emotions Fear, Grief, Desperation, Despair, Powerlessness

When dealing with your Minnesota house for sale you may be dealing guilt, or insecurity in your life. It may or may not have anything to do with your housing situation.

Let’s go over some housing situations that may cause you to feel guilt, or insecurity. Maybe your house embarrassed you or looks very messy. Maybe your house hasn’t been updated ever or in 30-40 years.

If this is the case with your house you could be self-conscious or unsure about why someone would like your house.

Maybe a relationship that you have regarding money went sour and now you are attaching that feeling to your house and you feel guilty.

The feeling of guilt is a super low frequency and won’t serve you well. You are for sure on an emotional journey with this emotion.

You should need someone to talk to in this situation to get a more clear perspective on life. You don’t want to feel a bunch of shame and guilt emotions.

Please understand that you should meditate, you should walk, nap, get some extra sleep so that you can increase your frequency.

One thing I highly suggest you do is listen to the audios below over and over while sleeping, or walking until you program your subconscious mindset.

The action part of journey for right now is to listen to these audios over and over. It’s because your vibration is low and you need to improve it even if it’s just a little at a time.

This can become a great positive daily habit for you with positive momentum. Be open to what Abraham-hicks teaches you and be receptive to what she is saying. She’ll have some fun stories that you should enjoy.

I wanted to show you a couple of YouTube videos by Abraham-Hicks for this current page emotion of: Insecurity, Guilt, and Unworthiness with the goal of how you can get to the next level and next emotion by clicking the link below

The next emotion up the scale for you to practice thinking, feeling, and speaking to create your own reality before selling your Minnesota house as-is fast is:


When you are ready to sell your Minnesota house as-is fast click here to read my detailed article before you text me

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