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SELL my free and clear Florida or Puerto Rico vacation property as-is fast

SELL my free and clear Florida or Puerto Rico vacation property as-is fast

Investor partners that I know are looking to buy hedges for the uncertainty in the economy and it’s future….

Based on what the fed is doing with all of the printing of money and inflation…

we see a potential really bad inflation or deflationary crash and based on what happens each week it’s hard to predict from day to day,

so as investors we are looking for a hedge no matter what market circumstances that we see in our future

This market hedge has us most interested in free and clear owned properties in high-demand vacation locations.

These are properties near the ocean or tropical warm locations, where everyone wants to have a vacation such as a lake or a river.

Our first choices to invest and buy are the best vacation spots and free and clear….

We can discuss 0% seller financing with, you the owner, to find a price and terms that is a win-win to sell your property.

The most high in-demand spots are our first choice over the others when we negotiate to buy.

We can start the conversation by text and find out if the numbers make enough sense to later talk by phone.

Selling your property today will give you peace of mind, allow you to sell your house and have someone else take over the payments to remove stress from your life and let you move on to retirement.

Do you know why you want to sell your property?

it’s usually because of one of the following reasons:

You have Deferred or Delayed these problems and they are growing quickly and compounding worse by the day

You have deferred maintenance, probably for 20-60 years and likely haven’t updated the property and the property needs too much fix up and work to list the home for sale to a regular home owner that is getting a home loan. You need to sell the property at a large discounts for a rehabber to buy.

Your aging and health, possibly medical bills and the uncertainty of covid-19 and any new strains. It’s easier to pay off bills or downsize to a new property that fits your aging lifestyle where you may be moving to an assisting living or nursing home.

The shut down economy has left you uncertain about your future income and you need to sell your property to have some emergency savings or a predictable income stream.

Homeowners like you are deferring income taxes like short-term and long-term capital gains. You may be deferring a depreciating recapture on your income taxes also.

property taxes may not have been paid for months or years and you are afraid of losing your property to the state.

Your empty bedrooms or months of no rents from vacancies is costing you thousands of dollars and you are better off selling your home for an income stream.

For those of you that happen to have a loan on your home you may be behind on your mortgage payments, in forebearance, in foreclosure or redemption and you need someone to buy your home ir property as a solution.

You haven’t been collecting rental income for months or a year because you have been stuck without being able to because of the eviction moratorium.

You are near retirement and regret that you have delayed putting money into your saving, retirement, or finding your 401k. You need the income from selling your property.

you may find your employment in jeopardy, have been fired, laid off, or covid has put you out of work and you are in desperate need of money.

Based on a death in the family, no trust or will you may be going through the probate process and need to liquidate your home and not deal with an inherited house.

Divorce has forced the need to sell your house, or property and you will get peace of mind to just get rid of it.

Any of the above reasons or more could have you needing to sell your property and these problems typically get worse over time and waiting only hurts you when negotiating and selling, but when you are ready to text and talk about tour housing situation feel free to reach out and see if there is a creative solution that can help give you peace of mind today.

Learn about selling your Puerto Rico property

How do I sell my property today

contact me by text to start the conversation, I provide my private phone number in the next article

I wrote an article where I explain the process of making a decision , click here

If this sounds like you, click here

“I’m ready, I’ve decided it’s time to sell my mn home as-is, fast cash offer!”

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