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clubhouse invite for MN real estate Investors

clubhouse invite for MN real estate Investors

Each day now I see Minnesota real estate people need an invite into the new hot social network app clubhouse that everyone is buzzing about.

This includes agents, landlords, investors, rehabbers and stock investors looking for expert advice or to co-host and provide some great real estate and investing advice.

I joined and had 2 invites, then got 3 more and quickly used those up and now going into a 2nd week I just got 3 more invites for my Minnesota real estate investor associates to use.

When you sign up and invite you, it will show up as me being the referring person.

I waited for about 10 days before I could get someone I know to take the time to invite me.

What I’ve learned is even with zero invites I was able to get others onto the app after they downloaded and reserved their name.

That’s because the app works with your address book and when you have the person’s phone # in your phone it recognizes it and gives you a notification to let them in.

So someone I know should reach out and message me to have me add their phone # into my phone, so I can get them on.

Once on, it’s common to welcome then into a room and chat 1 on 1 so that they get the feel of how the app works.

I spent a lot of time with 4-5 people in a room that I know the first day I doe my over 5 min on it. I was on until 1 am with good real estate investor friends for 10 straight hours in 4 different real estate investing rooms.

The app works great for introducing real estate investor friends, especially when they are familiar with the local Minnesota area.

Common things to Learn when you first enter a room is that you ate dropping in to listen. If there are a few people in the roop you may raise your hand to get up on the panel. If there are 50-100+ people in the room it’s going to be less likely that you get into a room.

I would recommend using your real name on the app since you will be having real conversations.

In the bottom left you can click leave quietly at any time. After you’ve been invited to be on the panel as a speaker it’s proper etiquette to be on mute when you are not talking.

Because there is no video and also the easy use of the mute button, this is better than zoom in many ways as it’s more flexible, free flowing with less commitment and you can listen more passively while you multi-task.

I’ve heard friends minutes from boarding a plane, hours later on the same chat and just off the plane. I’ve had friends multi-task with errands while working on real estate projects. I’ve know investor friends going up a lift at a mountain in Colorado.

There is so much potential to build relationships while enjoying life. Having no video also helps avoid the Lang or poor quality on an internet connection.

Introducing friends, learning from each other like you normally would with any audience listening in is a great use of time leverage and a very efficient way to train others all at the same time. It can be used efficiently for marheting, training, selling, networking and socializing all at the same time.

Read my article about co-hosting on club house for MN real estate investors

Minnesota Real Estate

Social Media 2-way conversations and time suck concern

For those who have been on social media for years, you know that one challenge that social media has had is very little feedback, comments, and 2-way conversations like real life.

It’s audio on the phone so it’s great. Messenger 1 min max Audios aren’t the same and the text to Audio isn’t as smooth as the group chat room on the clubhouse app

If you are only using the app to socialize like a party line and not learning or doing business it could be considered a time suck after hours.

I prefer to focus my time on Minnesota real estate investors first

Then Minnesota investors, business owners and entrepreneurs next

Then, the real estate investors in the United States.

I just feel the chances of Meeting and staying in touch In person to do business is far greater with those in Minnesota.

Those who occasionally visit Minnesota or have roots or grew up in Minnesota also work because they have a network and circle of influence in Minnesota over decades often.

In the early days my Vision is to have 20-30+ in the audience on-demand within a moments notice. So like a REIA on-demand.

REIA-Real Estate Investors Association

I’m writing this article in my notepad on my iPhone, on the plane down to Ft. lauderdale, Florida with 2 more hours before I arrive.

At this time clubhouse is only available on the iPhone and not on android, but I did see a tweet a couple of days ago that the clubhouse app is coming soon to the android devices.

A top reason to use the club house is to talk through houses for sale, discounted homes, or creative seller financing.

This will work a lot better when the local real estate market turns into a buyers market which it hasn’t been since about 2010-2011 or sooner.

What happens is the lender’s financing gets tight and inventory piles up which creates price competition in the local larger especially if the home is vacant, in foreclosure or the owner needs to get rid of the home right away and time is of the essence.

I can bring a home seller, listing agent, rehabber, wholesaler or bird dog on the panel to talk through the deal and we can go over questions from myself, or from the audience to qualify the audience to make sure it’s a good alignment to take action and move forward.

buyers, sellers, rehabbers and wholesalers are all in unique situations when it comes to their cash flow vs. equity positioning.

Meaning each has a different reserve amount as well as spending or investing it at a very different timeline, that’s why you need to talk through deals and the different variables to make it a win-win for all parties involved.

Some deals will require bank financing, others hard money, private money, cash or seller financing.

If I can add you into my phone then it’s easier to invite you onto clubhouse to have a conversation.

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