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Why I invest in the periscope video app

Posted by on Dec 4, 2017 in periscope

Please follow me on Twitter @ronorr as periscope is no longer around

I invest my time in the periscope video app because I like the retention that long live video is providing. The relevant targeted audience is building daily at this time. Because periscope is connected to twitter it has a nice funnel effect.

You will see videos disappear after 24 hours on periscope like you always have. Even though the unique video link seems to expire after 24 hours …

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B2B Marketing, SEO, Traffic, Social Media, Subscribers, Video, Network

Posted by on Dec 2, 2017 in Seo, Video

In this video I’m out for a daily walk and I discuss a lot of different business ideas for B2B networking with investors, real estate experts and I discuss some tech.

I discuss the advantages of taking the time to build great relationships and networking locally. I’ve been fortunate to be online since 1995, self-employed since 2001, and be in real estate since 2002.

This video is over 30 minutes long and I discuss a lot of different ideas on …

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