Why I invest in the periscope video app

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Why I invest in the periscope video app

I invest my time in the periscope video app because I like the retention that long live video is providing. The relevant targeted audience is building daily at this time. Because periscope is connected to twitter it has a nice funnel effect.

You will see videos disappear after 24 hours on periscope like you always have. Even though the unique video link seems to expire after 24 hours it seems the videos still show up in search results which is great for SEO purposes.

Best of all the videos show up on my twitter feed to view as an archive for later. Archived videos are a great way for others to watch my videos at their own pace.

So what we have is a great video storage in the cloud essentially. Twitter makes it easy for others to subscribe, follow and to make follow up easier for me.

The periscope headlines and hashtags contain relevant and often high traffic keywords which also help for SEO traffic. Twitter and periscope are great for new organic traffic.

You want to create many videos to build traffic, but also long videos to retain an audience. You are building trust and relationships. Let the videos and social networks do their thing.

The audience will build over time if you stick with a niche and get better each day with the videos and continue to build relationships with the audience.

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