Facebook Mentions Pages About to Go Live Like #Periscope

Posted by on Aug 6, 2015 in facebook

Facebook Mentions

Facebook Mentions Going Live

So later last night around 7pm I just found out about facebook mentions going live with celebrities and how the pages are going live and we’ll have to see how this is a future rival of periscope. Obviously facebook is bigger then twitter, so it could be very competitive with periscope, we will see.  Periscope userbase is still very small compared to facebook, twitter or instagram.  One thing for sure is that platforms will keep …

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#RT #Facebook Stats Mid 2015

Posted by on Jul 30, 2015 in facebook, periscope

facebook stats 2015

1.49 Billion on Facebook

This is simply an amazing number.  Here we are with almost 3 billion people online and half 50% use facebook.  50% of world doesn’t even use 1 language.  This is amazing to think 1 company can grow to this size.  I wonder if these are real accounts, and I wonder if they use it almost daily.  Or possibly a few times per week.  How much they use facebook per day is important also.  Facebook is clearly …

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