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Facebook live with invites 1 degree of separation marketing

Hello Minnesota real estate investors…

Facebook live with invites for marketing1 degree of separation marketing for 1000 true fans.
So I’ve been around online since 1995 and have seen the internet evolve a lot. It’s finally coming full circle. I was doing periscope over 2 years ago and now I know Facebook live has been around maybe 18 months.
Most treat it like a selfie or maybe self promotion not sure I haven’t seen that many yet because most are quick.

Remember like 6 years ago when everyone was tagging each other and it showed up on each other’s timeline and people hated that and changed their settings due to spammy tags. Well supply and demand it was too easy.
Today we can utilize real relationships with real depth and act like a reality tv show where it’s documented. I’d suggest entertaining but true and authentic.

Now the tagging is the invites and obviously you are tapping into others social circle. Many of the social media experts and younger generation know this and use it in promotional marketing to bars etc, but those are $20 tabs etc. it gets interesting when you talk about the lifetime value of a customer, long-term relationships and retention.
It’s like real context and real introductions. Like jv, list swap etc. on most podcasts you do t know people, but with this you have a social graph and do know people 1 degree of separation. Podcasts don’t have that.
Imagine instead of being a spectator at home watching flip that house shows you are the show with the smartphone in your pocket Facebook live and document your daily life. As you approach people and have an experience to a co-branded Facebook live with 2 or 5 people and tap into each other’s for mass introductions and referrals.

Find and build your market through 1 degree of separation vs this 3 degrees away like a lot of social media. Should make monetizing with a paid budget easier.
I’m interested in being invited or inviting others on Facebook live about business. It’s like we are going on each other’s own podcasts or radio shows.

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