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Discouragement when selling your MN house as-is fast

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You came here from the previous emotion Anger

Discouragement is reaching further out than you are energetically able to catch up. It’s when you are misaligned with your thoughts and emotions at this time.

Disappointment would be you being on the wrong Track. Stop pushing through, just relax.

If you are selling a Minnesota house as-is you may feel like pushing through resistance. That’s just to get a change in perspective.

When you are in a discouraged, or doubtful vibration you should take action until your thoughts and emotions line up.

It’s possible that you see selling your house as a series of problems in this frequency, and aren’t seeing the solutions and opportunities just yet.

You could talk to an investor buyer while you are in this discouraged mood, but you wouldn’t be receptive, or open to the solution that’s right in front of you.

This is because tou need to be at a higher frequency when you are more in alignment and thinking more clearly.

You want to look at any split-energy or contrast at this stage as an opportunity to line up energy for later to get more clarity. Just learn to be patient in the early stages of these emotions.

You have to have more faith in the early lower emotions and understand it’s more of an emotional journey of aligning upfront before you visually see the results or the big momentum action steps and inspired action that will come up soon in the higher emotions.

Don’t try to measure results too soon, let the improved emotion be the reward. It can’t be based on new conditions or circumstances.

Even being less discouraged the next day is an improvement from the day before. Improvement is positive forward momentum.

I wanted to show you a couple of YouTube videos by Abraham-Hicks for this current page emotion of: Discouragement with the goal of how you can get to the next level and next emotion by clicking the link below

The next emotion up the scale for you to practice thinking, feeling, and speaking to create your own reality before selling your Minnesota house as-is fast is:


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