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The Momentum from Positioning Your Minnesota Home to Sell As-Is Fast for Cash

Split Tests

When it’s time to sell your house you may have a feeling of Split energy. What this means is you are considering multiple variables and choices to make all at the same time and it may seem overwhelming to you. I wrote a specific article on split testing your Minnesota home offers

This may include what city to live in next, the timeline to sell, what price to sell for, whether to fix up your home, should you put it on the market.

Needing to make all of these decisions at once in your head would feel like too much that’s why you need time to process your emotions and let your subconscious sleep on it for awhile.

I know some local investor buyers to buy your house and they can eliminate a lot of the confusion and give you clarity. They ate going to give you contrast to help you force a decision by deciding between a cash vs. a terms offer.

This will give you perspective on your options by understanding both sides of price vs. flexibility and what’s most important to you.

I wrote a very informative article on selling your Minnesota home with a link to click below with this strategy.


When it’s a competitive housing market with a lot of housing supply you will want to Position your home offer’s against the competing Minnesota homes for sale with your best price and terms.

When I discuss positioning in business, or branding I’m referring to a concept that I best understand from Abraham-Hicks of Point of Attraction.

I get this best by focusing on clarity and deciding what provides you the seller with a USP, also known as a Unique Selling Propostion.

What makes your house, as it relates to price and terms, stand out from the others to an investor buyer. Do you have the best price, or the most flexible and attractive terms?


Here is a photo of me at the beach in front of the ocean in Puerto Rico. I was there with 8 other investors looking at the area for investing in real estate in the future. The reason of course is to have fun, relax, live a healthy lifestyle, but also plan for a great future lifestyle.

Sell your Minnesota home for your future lifestyle that you dream about all of the time.

You can Fund your future with cash from selling your property for an all cash offer. Use this money to live the lifestyle that makes you happy.

If you have a lot of equity in your home or properties you can Redistribute your equity in them, so that you have more monthly cash flow, so that you aren’t so busy and you can consolidate your time more towards efficiency.

If You want to Lower your expenses monthly by selling your home, maybe downsize, so you don’t have to work so hard every single day.

Sell your MN home on terms for a retirement lifestyle. This will get you a higher price and you are offering more flexibility to the buyer.

When you go in foreclosure on your home or get behind on things you can remove stress and get relief from debt instantly and then you sleep better at night.


Go after the Future life that feels right to you. Your perception and alignment will determine your thoughts and emotions for today and help you to make sound decisions for your future with your home sale.

When you Sell your MN home for freedom you will feel that clarity and alignment which will help you towards that dream alignment lifestyle.

Alignment leads you to the next concept which is positive momentum, let’s take a look at that below.


Positive vs. Negative cash flow Momentum– When it comes to your property or home expenses they can either put money into your pocket, or take money out of your pocket.

With most sellers and their homes they only have expenses and they can’t always keep up, so they can’t fix their home up, so often have to sell it.

One option is to sell your home and invest into a duplex or a 4 plex to be able to live off of the cash flow for more positive momentum.

Debt vs. Debt relief- Many Minnesota homeowners are tired of the debt and simply just want relief, they see their home and all of the repairs and utilities as ongoing expenses and they just want relief and to sell.

By reading this now you know that we can talk about your Problems and create a downward spiral of thoughts and emotions, but let’s focus on the Solution, where your home sale will actually get you either cash now or an income stream of cash flow over time which will free you up to live your desired lifestyle daily.

You want peace of mind as the solution today and you know that selling your Minnesota home will do that for you.

The Compound Effect

When it comes to an amazing concept of the compound effect for your Minnesota home sale, there are so many great subcategories like Conversions.

One example could be offering a great price or terms, or taking great photos of your house to increase the probability that it will convert into a purchase agreement.

Optimization is more of technical term used today, but it’s the idea of just daily improvement of getting better every day. It’s also known as Kaizen, constant and never ending improvement.

When you sell your property for example and get cash you can Reinvest that onto a property that gets you even more cash flow and get what’s called cash-on-cash Return and get that cash and buy another high cash flowing property.

Cash flow is a big part of the compound effect. This creates a faster moment that we talked about earlier and you have more of an inspired action.

If you like the idea of cash-on-cash return you’ll really like Internal rate of return where you try to speed up the momentum even more. “Internal rate of return is a discount rate that is used in project analysis or capital budgeting that makes the net present value (NPV) of future cash flows exactly zero.”

Compound Interest

With compound interest it compounds so quickly that you want to earn it and not pay it. You want to be on the right side of the momentum. Just like with inflation or deflation you always want to be ok the right side of the compounding momentum.

With my marketing and writing I often use a build, measure Feedback Loop to measure data to make decisions.

By continously doing this it allows momentum to build and I get more results of what’s already working well for me. You can use the feedback loop for business, thoughts, emotions, really anything that you want to continuously improve.

It’s a way of course correcting also towards a goal. Below you can see the link to my article about selling your Minnesota home and how the compounding effect can you free you up to think more clearly about your future lifestyle.

“I’m ready, I’ve decided it’s time to sell my mn home as-is, fast for a cash offer!”

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