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Grow into your daily lifestyle by Selling your Minnesota Home as-is fast

I think of beautiful weather and the enjoyable lifestyle in Puerto Rico from the spring this year where it was 82 degrees and sunny every day with almost zero rain.

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That’s the beach there in Puerto Rico it gets me to thinking that many people need to downsize or sell their property to get out their equity and do some house hacking where they buy a duplex, triplex or four plex where they live in one unit and the other renters essentially pay for their cost of living.

This is important to have extra money that you’ve now saved to have the extra money to travel and have freedom of time and money, so that you can hang out on the ocean in warm 82 degree sunny tropical locations and relax and be happy more of the year.

When you consider how you structure your asset’s equity into a way that focuses for cash flow today vs. appreciation of equity some day you can live for the present moment and enjoy life now while you ate still young and healthy.

Real estate investing offers this opportunity. Even taking your current home which may be too small and buying a bigger home and renting out other rooms can take your home and make it less of a liability and more of an asset to you.

Everyone has a different desire for a different lifestyle based on their age, expenses, and life’s circumstances.

That’s why you want to design your lifestyle and what it will look like on a daily basis, so you have to envision it.

A lot of variables get optimized over time to get you there, but none are bigger than real estate finances, relationships and health.

You have to design it around these major variables in your life and the monthly time and money you invest into these major parts of your life.

For me the crashing ocean waves and consistent warm weather is very important compared to the contrast of the frigid cold rain, I’ve and snow of the Minnesota area.

As you continue to read my posts you will learn different perspectives as it relates to designing your daily lifestyle.

“I’m ready, I’ve decided it’s time to sell my mn home as-is, fast cash offer!”

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