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How MN homeowners can sell their home as-is fast then invest in Florida or Puerto Rico

If you are MN property owner or landlord and want to sell as-is fast and invest in Puerto Rico or Florida

Here’s what I have

Investors partners looking to buy cash flowing property for house hacking or Airbnb near the ocean or intercoastal

Here’s what it will do for you

Give you peace of mind with either cash in your pockets or relief from your payments being taken over along with management.

Here’s what to do Next

Read the following below

To find out this works….

I have traveling investor business partners who are always looking for great cash flowing seller financing properties on terms

This means that, as the property owner, you are providing owner financing. Seller financing with terms works best when you own the house free and clear and there are no loans on the property.

Due to the years of low interest rates since 2008, we prefer to protect our investment with less risk by having a similar competitive 0% interest rate where we plan to accelerate the total payoff very similar to a bill of sale with a set number of payments to payoff when buying a car from a private party.

One of the top negotiations that we will ask for is, the ability to add more cash flow with more bedrooms, or find a higher use for the property such as house hacking or Airbnb as a vacation rental.

After we get favorable seller financing terms and creating a win-win scenario with you, we prefer to invest in properties in high-demand and high-desireable vacation areas that would cater to Airbnb, VRBO, Flipkey vacation stays, etc.

As the property owner, seller financing is a great deal for you because you usually get a higher price that you can be proud to tell others your success story. You can simplify showings with less people trampling through your property with covid-19, or another virus strain, and you end up with peace of mind in the end as your final solution, with less stress, where you’ll finally sleep well at night.

Investor real estate high-demand cash flow vacation properties

The type of properties that my investor partners are looking to purchase are on the ocean, near the ocean or in close proximity and walking distance of an ocean, river or large boatable lakes.

They can be tourist towns and the surrounding neighborhoods should feel safe day and night.

Great night life is a plus and everything important such as grocery stores and a variety of restaurants within walking distance is a plus.

Overall there will be the most demand for tropical warm places over 70+ degrees farenheit most of the year, with great weather conditions most of the year.

The property lot and view are very important in narrowing down the selection by my group of investors to purchase. The investor partners that I know travel often to Florida, Puerto Rico, Mexico and South America.

These properties can be homes, multi-unit properties, or big multi-unit properties as well as hotels where we can do short, or long-term rentals.

It’s ideal that the properties are commercially zoned, but not required. If your property is best suited for us to buy the property for the purpose of a short-term rental such an Airbnb or Vrbo than we would not want any limitations or restrictions due to city, territory, municipality, or associations when it comes to renting short or long-term, or restrictions on 55+ age requirements.

Selling your home with owner financing

Let’s go over why you need to choose and decide on my investor partners to buy your property very soon as we are your one unique solution.

You have delayed or deferred any of the following items below which has now caused you multiple pressing problems such as anxiety or stress because you are running out of money and time which makes you exhaust your last and remaining options.

You have major deferred maintenance on the property which often is a property that hasn’t been updated in 20-50+ years and it has all of the old decor, is out of style, or the colors haven’t been in style for decades.

You also have disrepair or many items that need to be fixed, repaired, upgraded, or brought up to code, or the city had condemned your property.

You may have an old roof, siding, old windows, old worn out, dated, torn or ripped carpet. The property needs paint, or there could be holes in the wall. You may have existing storm or hail damage on most of the exterior

If you have major damage we would be discounting the property a lot based on needing to get estimates and paying for inflations of good and higher wages of contractors today due to inflation.

You have health related concerns. This could be covid-19, concern of others with covid-19 and no mask all trampling through your house with different strains, or risking giving the virus to your family.

You may have medical bills piling up, and you can’t afford them and default or bankruptcy is a possibility soon.

Your aging and health has forced you to need to move to a nursing home or assistant living home with one-level living or handi-capable living for canes and wheelchairs.

There was a recent death in your family, you are dealing with an inherited house, other siblings, probate, or an estate situation and you just want your property gone yesterday.

Often as a homeowner you’ve either owned the property less than a year and are concerned about short-term capital gains, or have owned it long-term and are concerned about Long-term capital gains and the impact on your taxable income at the end of the year.

You may have been delinquent on Income taxes for years and now Levies & liens are attached to your property making you feel stuck as if you can no longer do anything to move forward.

You have deliquent property taxes now compounding for months and years and are concerened that your county or city will take your property from you in a tax forfeiture and there are tax liens on the property.

You now realize that the county can take back your property even if you aren’t in foreclosure, or are in good standing with your lender.

Your vacant bedrooms and units are costing you thousands of dollars and it’s a huge opportunity cost and maybe you don’t know know how to manage the property, fill the vacancies, or have money to fix up your vacant spaces.

If your property is partially or fully vacant it has a far lower value in the market and we will be negotiating for a much lower price.

You are behind on association dues and are fearful that your association will start the foreclosure process on you where you will lose your property and you realize the association rights come before the lenders.

You are behind on your mortgage payments, are in Forebearance, Foreclosure, or the Redemption period and about to lose your property for good and be evicted and out on the streets.

As a landlord the eviction moratorium is costing you thousands of dollars in unpaid rents because you can’t evict tenants and its stressing you out and you don’t have money to pay the mortgage, utilities, property taxes, or fix up the repairs that will continue to break.

Over the decades you never got around to an emergency savings account and now you want to retire some day, but you are in a bad position financially for your age with limited options, you’ve been delaying or putting it off.

You are concerned about retirement and your taxable income from early withdrawals from your retirement accounts to be taxed as ordinary income, or you have to wait with delays on the federal guidelines for retirement age withdrawals before you can get access to your own money.

You are left with an expensive decision to withdrawl from your 401k with early withdrawl fees and a potential large very expensive taxable income event

You or someone in your family are dealing with Unemployment, layoffs, furloughs, downsizing, technological replacement, or age plays a factor in your limited employment options. You are uncertain of your future in the job market.

You have recently decided, or are going through the divorce process and need to split finances and money and the only simple way to do this is move out and sell your property and get money for your property.

If you aren’t able to identify a like-kind exchange in your 1031 exchange, or didn’t properly handle the funds you may have a very large expensive taxable event happening soon.

You feel with your Roth IRA or IRA there are just too many limitations to make money or get access to non-taxed money, so you are running out of options and in a pinch.

You find yourself trapped with very bad credit and are afraid to move or sell in fear of not getting approved for a new loan at a bank to buy another property, so you’ll be left with no place to live.

Who is not a good fit to work with?

Here is Another article I wrote about selling your property in Puerto Rico

If you want full price and your property needs a lot of work, we likely aren’t a good fit.

If you want full price and a the going market interest rate with seller financing we likely are not a good fit.

If your property:

needs any work

isn’t free and clear

isn’t below market interest rate

Not a very high-demand rent location

than you can expect an adjustment in terms and price for us to compensate for what your property situation is lacking for us to justify buying your property out of the thousands of properties out there that we have to choose from with our qualified investor partners.

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