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Airbnb for cash flow and lifestyle experience

Posted by on Feb 22, 2021 in airbnb

Airbnb oceanfront cash flow lifestyle experiences

Airbnb Lifestyle and Vacations

I’ve been talking a lot by phone and on the clubhouse app with close local Minnesota real estate investors about Airbnb, vacations in tropical places, escaping the cold whether, monthly cash flow and lifestyle experiences that create amazing memories.

In the past many investors have just gone for a quick 4-5 day family vacation where they quickly unpack and repack, check-in and check-out and back to the frigid cold of Minnesota.

But now many investors that …

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Minnesota Contract for Deed Home Move-In Date

Posted by on Feb 15, 2021 in contract for deed

Minnesota contract for deed home move-in date

For you reading this article right now you are looking into a recent move-in date on the next home that you buy without a bank due to your past credit score and credit history.

You’ve probably looked on Craigslist and have seen my postings, in the following move-in months:

Move-in Date

January-February-March-when you choose to move-in in one of the first three months of the year you should expect very frigid cold temperatures and even snow fall to be …

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