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I want to buy a Minnesota Contract for Deed Home and my Move-In Date is…

Are you looking to buy a Minnesota contract for deed home today?

For you reading this article right now you are looking into a recent move-in date on the next home that you buy without a bank due to your past credit score and credit history.

You’ve probably looked on Craigslist and have seen my postings, in the following move-in months:

MN Contract for deed home Move-in Date

January-February-March-when you choose to move-in in one of the first three months of the year you should expect very frigid cold temperatures and even snow fall to be a factor.

Everyone seems to move a little slower this time of the year and you may even want to consider hiring a professional moving company and getting any moving trucks or storage lined up especially if you are moving here from out of state. You need to be more efficient with your time when it’s zero degrees out.

April-May-these couple of months are hot for sellers to list there house as this is when the whether warms up a lot and spring cleaning is being done. It’s possible that we may see more inventory hit the market during these times.

June-July-August- The summer months could be a great time to buy and move-in as you are planning for the next school year and what school your kids may be going to. Great to plan ahead and move by the summer.

September-October-By this time kids are in the chosen schools and you’ve picked the right community that you may stay in for years.

November-December-You have to think about holidays with the family with Thanksgiving and Christmas time and how many will be slowing down due to the holidays with family, so plan for things to move a little slower in the real estate market

When you search by…

County, City, ZIP Code

When you decide to buy a Minnesota Contract for Deed you’ll need to focus on a COUNTY, city and zip code to live in.

I wrote another article to help you focus on the area a little bit more click here cities, counties, zip codes

Zip code can matter when you are choosing a city, or trying to stay in a specific school district.

Cities can range from Minneapolis, to the further end of the 7 County area with some land, or a more expensive place in wayzata or on Lake Minnetonka.

Search criteria by

Monthly payment-

Your monthly payment amount is very important to be within budget, 1/3rd of your gross take home pay may be a more conservative number. I could have an investor email you some properties origin your monthly budget. The investor could buy you a contract for deed home and help qualify you based on your income and down payment.

Searching by

House type

What house type you choose can matter whether it’s a

House, townhouse, condo, duplex, and split-level or 4 level split home.

You would also want to know about how many Square feet got the property for yourself or for your family. You may need a bigger place like over 2500 sq ft. This can be sent to you in a search of available contract for deed homes.

Often knowing Laundry is in the property that you own is comforting and that’s likely the case when you buy on a contract for deed

On-street, or off-street Parking amd in a driveway or garage is important to know as well.

How many Bedrooms are you looking for as 3 to 5 bedrooms is a popular. Inver and do you need 2 or 3 bathrooms for a growing family, or is it just you and a spouse?

Pets is something that favors you when you own a place on a contract for deed versus just renting a place, do your cat or dog in the family is welcome. This includes feeling freedom on smoking since you will own the home.

For some, the home being Furnished may be very important if you travel a lot and don’t have time to deal with movers or a storage company.

Wheelchair accessible is a major factor for many including an aging demographic that needs the home designed around easy mobility in the property and not lots of stairs.

Based on not having a car, or your work schedule and employer being on a Bus lineman be very important to you in the decision process of the home that you choose to buy through our investor.

By the time that you are searching these options in a home you are close to making a decision and you need some final homes emailed or texted to you of homes an investor can buy for you since your credit history isn’t that great. You will need a down payment though.

With A big enough down payment on your next home, you can buy on a contract for deed…

-No banks

-Even with a bad credit history

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