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Clubhouse co-host for MN real estate investors

Clubhouse co-host for MN real estate investors

Do you want to know how to get more Co-hosts on your scheduled rooms on the clubhouse for Minnesota real estate

Keep reading below I’ll tell you an easy quick way….

Make sure to get your clubhouse app invite first another form of social media

In the future I may have a Minnesota real estate club on clubhouse that you can be a member of once it’s manually approved.

Once that happens you will see consistency of other scheduled rooms from within that club for Minnesota real estate.

Look for me on clubhouse sometime or ping me…

This is a great way to collaborate in the future, but due to clubhouses growing pains let’s wait until they add each club in the near future.

My goal is to keep the club about real estate for those living in Minnesota, buying and owning in Minnesota or at least with roots for years in Minnesota.

In the early days my current co-hosts have included Minnesota real estate investors who live in Colorado 6 months a year, moved to Florida a decade ago, or have recently moved to Austin, Texas.

I personally have had a second condo home in Las Vegas right near the MGM back in about 2005-2006.

Just through your past networking you will naturally know some investors that are on clubhouse.

At this time it’s only available on the IOS and iPhone so don’t invest a lot of time twisting arms of the android users just naturally wait.

I have started my own rooms with Minnesota real estate topics with a panel and got to know them over hours which naturally allows them to add me onto their panel for future events. Panels are a way to position your marketing for what you are an expert in.

With co-hosts this can also be considered a form of piggyback marheting to be able to reach larger demographics and audiences.

I personally am looking to keep a tighter niche and radius. So although I’ll co-host with out of state investors I would prefer they have Minnesota properties or from Minnesota, so that I can continue to target that local Minnesota audience.

The reason for this article is to think differently. Instead of only adding co-hosts onto your own Minnesota real estate shows think of why you are and what problem they are solving for you and how you are solving that same problem for them.

Instead of spending all of your time 1 on 1 trying to twist someone’s arm or convince them that’s not already using the app, simply share this article with them and let them know that you are available for a niche Co-hosting on the clubhouse app just like I am right now.

Here’s how to start a scheduled room with your specific conversation topic on Minnesota real estate

At the top of the app click the calendar

You will be given the opportunity to create your own specific topic like:

How to do creative real estate deals in Minnesota

At this point you will see your name like you see in the above photo then you start to add co-hosts. So on yours you can add me to your future room.

Choose the date, time and description of the room. Your panel and I will have followers and they will be notified.

There are so many notifications now that it’s important when given the opportunity to tweet or share the link to let others no. All co-hosts should do this to help crowdsource this activity.

Here is a panel I was added onto for tomorrow:

Do you see how I have options of tweeting, sharing or copying the link, even adding it to my calendar?

How did I get on this panel?

I attended their clubhouse room about 5 days ago, I met grigoriy through a mutual friend almost 5 years ago before he went full time in real estate. We met in uptown Minnesota at a co-office space.

Jordan I briefly met as a speaker at a big northstar conference in the fall, September of 2019.

Tim I sat one table over at that event, but we didn’t meet, but I did meet him in January 2019 only 4 months later at an Airbnb meetup with a group of us. And he attended my friends hosted party that I co-hosted in Minneapolis on January 8th or 2020 about 1 year later. Just stay consistent and keep in front of people.

Over time you will network and get to know people and your pipeline will build on who to network with.

I can’t co-host with everyone

Now is the time to realize how fast this app will grow. As we got on one a couple of days ago with a lot 20 rotating throughout the servers through clubhouse were bogged down with growing pains, so once they add android phones and let anyone join without invites only this app is gonna get big.

What this means is you don’t want to be added as a co-host on 50 different topics in 50 different countries, you want to narrow your focus and your audience.

So as an example I would recommend adding me as a co-host if your topic is about Minnesota real estate. Also it is great to hear questions from new people as well as talk to experts.

A year from now I may not want to be on non Minnesota real estate panels unless there is a large audience that can reach Minnesota, or I know the panelists own minnesota real estate, or are from Minnesota.

I also could be added as a co-host to help with topics on marketing, to discuss niches and strategies in an open conversation.

As the years go on I’ll likely do fewer of the ones where only 2-3 of us are in a chat and more where there’s 5-6 on the panel and larger audiences as I will prioritize my time.

What this means is your first movers advantage with the person who shared this article with you is to get a lot more time with them upfront in the earlier days with only a few on the panel before this app gets much bigger and they are on bigger panels and harder to talk to.

It would also be create if you arrived to get a few hundred followers to keep the value exchange equal in the future.

For example if you rarely use the app and have 5 followers and those on the panel have 500 followers each than it doesn’t add much value for them to be on your panel or the other way around.

Also if you are going to discuss a topic like Minnesota real estate On the clubhouse app know your topic as the panelists will be there on different levels from learning from you to knowing all of the panelists expert will retain and get repeat listeners, great questions and future deals because that’s how the panelists monetize and make a living and the reason they will keep coming back and you will gain traction and momentum.

What are your clubhouse action steps for Minnesota real estate?

Think about the person who shared this article with you. They shared it with you because they can sign with you on Minnesota real estate as a topic and be-cohosts. Together you can be co-hosts on each other’s rooms and shows ok the topic.

Together you can post to social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, messenger, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, text and phone.

The person sending you this article already has aligned followers that they have known and built trust with for years and many will attend in the future if they are on your panel by simply getting a notification from them as a speaker.

Having a specific topic will help with retention as well as building a repeatable audience with consistency.

Think of 5 panelists all sharing to 50,000 total followers. This is how piggyback marheting is suppose to work.

The reason to invite the person who sent you this article is it’s not the same time commitment as a podcast and offers great flexibility and multi-tasking whole on mute. Not being on camera offers more flexibility and it will be more frictionless and remove more resistance.

Many networking events in person people won’t know others in the room and a 1 on 1 conversation takes time to align or was never the right connection. With clubhouse you are introduced and there for the same specific topic.

The conversations flow faster on the club app because with 4-5 panelists the conversation is very free flowing. It’s like masterminding and brainstorming.

There are different levels also as you can first come in as an audience member and a fly on he wall to understand the dynamics of the conversations and what it’s like to mute and unmute yourself in on an app without visually seeing the person.

There will be different styles on the app and you’ll notice the mute and unmute as etiquette. Continue to co-host on niche panels for Minnesota real estate and you’ll see your follower counts grow over time.

They will follow your profile and you can provide your @ronorr username like this to let others follow you.

Many times audience members will raise their hands and you’ll want to follow them and ask them to be on the panel and then they can unmute to talk.

Having different co-hosts will attract new attendees and the co-hosts will offer different perspectives and be able to ask questions, so that the audience members feel more comfortable to also ask quests and speak up.

Assume many are new to the platform and let them know that they first have to raise their handle and you’ll invite them up and then they can unmute.

Think of the different levels of all of the social engineering. For example when you enter the room as an audience member maybe 200 are in the room, but as you stay in and others drop off you move up the rankings.

You will leap to even another level when the speakers follow you as you will show a level higher and may even get followers from this.

When you add other Minnesota real estate Co-hosts it’s a good idea to give a heads up and make sure they know the topic and that there is alignment.

It’s a great idea to let them know the day and time as well as the link so that they can share all over their social media.

Also when you schedule ahead of time it will give the co-host that you add a little time to think up what to say before they go live with you.

You want to consistently take action that gains momentum as there will be a compounding effect to it all.

The more followers you get, the more, co-host opportunities and the more opportunities to be seen as speakers following you in the rooms.

The more followers that you get the more times you will appear in search on others profiles when others look for rehabs people to follow on others profiles.

The more followers that you get the more people who will see your scheduled time slot at the top of your app.

The more of an audience that you have the greater the chance of others pinging others into the room to listen to the conversation in the room on the specific topic.


You want to start building momentum with relationships, trust, selling, closing and monetizing, so you will want to get relevant followers.

You want to start building your audience yesterday, and you are far more likely to get followers when you get a chance to get on the microphone and speak and tell your back story and share your expertise to add value.

Go back to the person who shared this article with you and add them as a co-host for Minnesota real estate as a niche and create a scheduled room for a day and time that works for you and stick to a daily or weekly schedule with consistency.

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