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“I want to believe in Selling My MN Home as-is fast.”

“I want to believe in Selling My MN Home as-is fast.”

The meaning of this article is to let you know as a Minnesota home owner that on your journey to selling your Minnesota home you will be making some choices and decisions, but you will need to make those decisions inside your mind before you reach out and ask for help and you have the opportunity to sell your Minnesota house.

Some people may only need to read a couple articles, others may need to read 30 before they remove their resistance and emotionally push through to a decision, action and logically feel great about it.

This journey and process that you go through will be the same day for some people, it may be a year for others. It takes time to find clarity and alignment to what you really want to do.

I can provide you information, you can gain knowledge today in this article, and I can make it easy to text me, but you will decide when you are ready for the next logical step based on your emotions and what feels right to you and your family on the timing based on everything going on in your life.

I’m going to divide this article into your internal thinking and dialogue with yourself, your family and friends and after you reach out and are ready for help in selling your Minnesota home

Keep reading and I’ll give you a link to my article on deciding to sell your Minnesota home and it will provide my personal cell phone number to ask me questions when you are ready.

Before I text you to sell my Minnesota home fast as-is…

The process before you text me will be a journey of you doing research and going through a lot of competing emotions and well as trying to think logically. Depending on how complicated your situation is and how emotional it is it could take awhile, possibly months before you take action and text me.

My goal here is to provide a sounding board in this article for you to relate to what I’m typing letting you know I’ve also spent time thinking about a lot of variables before I’ve made the big decision to sell and how I’m here to try to break it down for you, the very experience that you are having right now.

There are variables that you keeping thinking over and over daily in your mind and then there are additional variables that you may not have considered in the overall picture before texting me about selling and I want your subconscious mind to sort it all out.

The reason is consciously our brain isn’t as efficient with emotions and can’t process very much, but our subconscious mind handles emotions and can handle 400 million bits of information per second.

This is why we often sleep on decisions and let our subconscious brain do the heavy lifting because it can process all of the variables at one time.

It’s going to be more efficient at this in a relaxed, meditative or sleep state because your brainwaves slow down to reach your subconscious easier which is elevated higher than your analytical logical brain.

If your brain hurts from trying to process all of the information analytically it’s because you are using your logical part of your brain and trying too hard.

There are too many competing emotions with selling your home, so you’ll want to sleep on it and get rest and let the thousands of neurons in your brain do the heavy lifting and connect and make sense of everything behind the scenes.

It’s actually beyond time where the insights and clarity come from, so it doesn’t make sense to force it or push yourself too much.

When you consider selling have you talked to your spouse or significant other? Have you spoken to relatives, roommates or your kids. Emotions are very strong with relationships, so you’ll need to talk to them first to get them into alignment with you.

Have you considered the timeline of when you need to move?

Have you thought about how you will qualify for the next place that you love into? Will you rent, buy another home, but on a rent to own or a contract for deed, it helps to know where you are going for peace of mind first before selling.

Do you have money upfront for rent, rent to own, contract for deed, or qualifying for a home loan or do you need to get that money from the equity when you sell your house,

Is the school system that your kids are in going to play a big role? Are they remote learning at home?

Is your job In the future going to be remote from home?

Do you look like a solid applicant to a landlord or lender based on credit or stable income and employment. Do you make 3 times what you want for a future monthly payment?

Are you downsizing as empty nesters or budget wise or are you moving into a bigger home with the needs of a bigger family

What’s challenging about thinking all on your own or with family without repacking out to me is that you’ll likely have competing emotions and thinking about everything all at once.

It may even feel overwhelming or chaotic. When you speak to someone with experience like someone I could connect you with you will get more claroty in how to make your decisions and action steps more sequential.

When you prime your brain, and mentally rehearse those sequential steps by sorting it out by phone you create order in your brain and it will create a lot more peace of mind for you, less stress, you’ll sleep better at night and your relationships should be stronger.

Habits are formed in the subconscious mind, so what happens before alignment and clarity is the emotional chaos and contrast. It’s like when you let your house get messy, or dishes pile up.

After awhile your subconscious brain visually sees it over and over and it uses up too much of your mental energy and creates a habit inside your subconscious mind. Eventually you will feel two different ways:

Either motivated or inspired:


If you get fed up and have a lot of pent up negative emotions from inaction then you will be motivated to get relief from your current situation that you feel stuck in. You will just want an escape from your thoughts like a mini-vacation.

This is a habit and cycle that you’ll want to break. Or you just want to get out of your current housing situation and are very motivated for various reasons such as being in foreclosure, going through probate, medical bills are piling up or there is a death in the family. You are motivated to severe ties with your past habitual thinking, and run from the pain. This is where you will take motivated action, it’s going to feel like effort.


The other way you may feel is inspired. This is of you like to visualize a lot and you think of a big house, maybe new construction or a new big remodeled kitchen, a new remodeled bathroom, a big private yard to play with your kids in.

You so look forward to a beautiful home like some of the photos that you’ve seen online in your research that your vision pulls you into your future where the pleasure lies. This is where you take inspired action and it’s going to feel like the next logical step and feel effortless and feel right.

Going through all of this thinking, analyzing, competing emotions of ups and downs and letttng other decision makers like your spouse (husband or wife) add their emotions into the mix sure does give you a lot to think about and feel. It’s perfectly normal to have a lot on your mind.

As you speak on the phone and discuss the steps and your full situation you’ll feel heard, understood, a big weight will be lifted off your chest and you will be releasing energy from your mind to make room for more creative ideas.

This is where you go from chaos to order in your subconscious mind and you will start to gain momentum and take more action steps and feel like your progress is speeding up.

You’ll want to talk about what’s owing on the house, showing the house, and realize that you don’t have to have it all figured out today, it’s a process, it unfolds in the way and timing that it should.

The Minnesota investors that I work with are use to buying really nice homes in great condition with seller financing and they are use to buying homes that are falling apart that haven’t been fixed, or updated in over 70 years.

They have the cash or access to millions, so that’s not a problem and they have the knowledge.

Sometimes you read for months about how this process is going to work and you practice the conversation over and over in your head of how it will go, and eventually you just text and reach out and we let the conversation just unfold.

You’ll have time to think before each step. There is no reason to feel rushed and the truth is that you should enjoy the journey of selling your home.

But as the headlines says you can’t begin to sell your home to a buyer before you’ve sold yourself first and are mentally ready in your mind without the resistance and you are ready to text as the next logical step. I can’t decide for you, you need to sell yourself first and feel certain than we can talk and start working towards the solution.

I wish you luck in the conversations behind closed doors and the interval dialogue in your kind and I look forward to being there when you are either motivated or inspired to take action on your journey of the next step in your Minnesota home selling process.

Often right before you text me also you’ll realize this article planted a seed in your subconscious mind and even if you are a little resistant right now or trying to be open at some point you’ll realize you don’t disagree with it and no longer resist any of it and then you’ll feel clarity to move forward, so I’ll allow you to feel your way through that process and talk to you by text some day in the near future.

After you first text me to sell your Minnesota home

Some day you will have read enough information and have peace of mind about your decision to reach out and text me after reading my article on selling your Minnesota home click here

I could provide my phone number right here 612-…. but I’d rather that you read the article at the link above, so that you get the information that you are looking for and you are guided on your journey of selling your mn home.

After you text me I’ll briefly talk to you about your housing situation and your timeline of what you are trying to accomplish.

I’ll want to get a feel for your motivation and how many people are involved in the decision to sell. I’ll want to know how many people are on title.

I’ll connect you with who I think is the best person for your unique situation.

Often it’s an investor from Minnesota and sometimes they have a license and are also an agent.

I won’t know who to connect you with until I’ve spoken about your specific situation.

I’ve known most of my real estate associates 5 to 20 years, so I trust them and have had numerous hours of real estate conversations with them.

Typically the investor is the buyer amd this really shortens the process for you and it’s ideal if you can get on the phone with them within the hour just to talk through the process.

Of course you can decide to take action on selling or showing the home when it feels most comfortable to you.

Sometimes it will make sense to fix it up and then stage the home, other times it will make sense to just sell cheap for cash and be done with it.

I look forward to you reaching out to me soon by text, so that we can chat about your specific situation on how to find a buyer for your Minnesota home.

If this sounds like you, click here

“I’m ready, I’ve decided it’s time to sell my mn home as-is, fast cash offer!”

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