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Sell My MN House Fast-We Buy Houses Cash Offer

Posted by on Jun 11, 2020 in Motivated seller

Motivated Minnesota Home Seller

Sell My MN House Fast
We Buy Houses

If you are reading this article right now I assume that you identify as a motivated Minnesota home seller?

This article that you are reading is about helping you bridge the gap between your current problem and future solution.

Right now you feel motivated because you want to release resistance of your split-energy of confusing & competing emotions in your current daily lifestyle environment where you are feeling limited freedom, …

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How to negotiate your Minnesota home’s offer price & terms in 72 hours when BUYING a contract for deed with a large down payment with owner seller financing and no banks

Posted by on Jun 10, 2020 in contract for deed

Minnesota Contract for Deed Buyer

How to position yourself to be perceived as an in-demand, extremely serious motivated buyer, that’s ready to follow up until initially approved for a price point to negotiate price and term offers on homes in the next 72 hours, so that you don’t lose your place in line to buy your contract for deed dream home with solid employment income verification, no bank owner financing, with your 10%+ saved down payment, or equity from selling your home

Many times a …

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