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Are you ready to Text or Call on how to fix and flip Minnesota homes for a large profit next month?

Posted by on Mar 24, 2020 in fix and flip

Fix and flip rehabbing a Minnesota investment home

Are you ready to take action and get ready buying fix and flip homes for a profit right here locally in Minnesota?

I have investor friends who have done 20-60 fix and flip homes and have made many mistakes, which include losing lots of money, like thousands of dollars over the years and these investors, who are now experts, can teach you how to do the process right and create the right …

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Are you ready to Text or Call on how to cash flow with house hacking your Minnesota rental next month?

Posted by on Mar 24, 2020 in house hacking

Minnesota house hacking for cash flow

What’s becoming very popular in Minnesota these days is to buy a duplex, triplex or 4 plex in adding in Airbnb to do house hacking.

The reason for this hot trend is that as a homeowner living in your home you get to have the other renters pay down your mortgage over time and give you monthly cash flow which can allow you to live very affordably each month.

Sometimes you add a bedroom …

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Does a looming or current Quarantine situation about a virus and health risk make you want to call or text to sell your Minnesota Home today?

Posted by on Mar 24, 2020 in health

Quarantine and stay-at-home

In March of 2020 we are seeing a tricky situation where those in Minnesota are waiting for a self-quarantine lockdown as stores close early now at 8 pm and many bars and restaurants are closed but many do delivery.

Right now many aren’t leaving the house because it feels like a health risk so many are staying at home. Due to margin calls and banks changing their lending programs we are expecting a lot of changes …

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