Are you ready to Text or Call on how to cash flow with house hacking your Minnesota rental next month?

Are you ready to Text or Call on how to cash flow with house hacking your Minnesota rental next month?

What’s becoming very popular in Minnesota these days is to buy a duplex, triplex or 4 plex and do house hacking.

The reason for this is that as a homeowner living in your home you get to have the other renters pay you for the mortgage which can allow you to live very affordably.

Sometimes you add a bedroom or an egress window after you buy the home to make this happen.

This is a great way to learn investing. Some choose renting out rooms to roommates, some do long-term rentals and others do Airbnb.

Generally speaking 3 bedrooms rent out for a lot more than 2 bedrooms and accommodate a much larger audience and demographic.

Buying your first property this way up to a residential 4 plex can make it much easier to purchase because youbb NBC will need much less money down.

At this time 100% financing or 3.5% down, where as buying an investment property is 15% to 20% down.

Also when you own the home 2 of the last 5 years you get a great tax advantage. Look up universal tax exclusion.

In the uncertainty of environments in today’s world house hacking really lowers your monthly payments and risk for income.

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Which painful emotions
are you feeling right now?

-walls caving in

Do you identify with any of
these painful problems below
that are attached to your
specific Minnesota home situation?

-recent lay-off
-job loss
-behind on payments
-death in family
-inherited house
-rising medical bills
-bad renter
-trashed house
-vacant home
-making two home payments
-house needs $10,000s fixup
-behind property taxes
-behind on home association dues
-equity trapped in house
-short sale no equity
-sell on contract for deed
-sell on rent to own
-denied for cash out refinance
-refi appraisal or LTV cut
-bank denied your loan
-bank denied self-employed loan
-need refi for lower monthly payment
-bad credit but large settlement
-bad credit $10,000+ rent to own
-bad credit 10%+ down for CD
-700+ credit score but not cash buyer
-downsize & cut monthly bills
-out-of-state homeowner
-move to assisted or nursing home
-pay cash for $60k-80k mobile home
-sell due to fire damage
-sell due to water damage
-sell due to mold
-sell due to biohazard
-accidental death in house
-uncertain future
-rising debt
-in collections
-student debt collections
-unpaid judgments
-vehicle in collections
-no credit no banks but cash
-no credit -cash $50k+ mobile home
-religion won’t allow to pay interest

Are any of the above painful
emotions affecting your daily
mental and emotional state,
ruining your quality of life?

Then reach out to me today for
a solution for peace of mind and relief

If you have specific questions
on qualifying programs for
buying or selling a Minnesota home today

Then the next step is to give me
your phone # right now

Choose between messenger or text
‘Text Me’ Ron (612) 434-5606

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