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Buy a Minnesota Airbnb for cash flow this week

Buy a Minnesota Airbnb for cash flow this week

Are you ready to make the move into investing into real estate to create cash flow?

You’ve heard about buying a long-term real estate rental for cash flow, but how about owning your very own Minnesota Airbnb rental where you have a chance to earn even more cash flow per month.

Some investors choose to buy a few of them so that they can quit their job or replace their current job.

Airbnb is a replacement for many to enjoy with friends and family versus a hotel. With a big enough group often the Airbnb makes more sense for the price then a hotel.

Airbnb has been pretty popular since about 2010, and is expected to be a public company for stock trading soon.

Airbnb is known for having more of a vacancy vs. long term renting, but the rents are known to be higher.

Buy a Minnesota Airbnb for monthly cash flow today

The reason people buy Airbnb properties is for the added cash flow as an investment.

There are many strategies that range from occasionally renting out a bedroom in the house that you live in, to a basement, a unit in a duplex to even a huge 6 bedroom house.

Your clientele’ will be different typically as a single traveler, a family or a group of friends or corporate people depending on who you market to.

I’ve heard of very big cash flow coming in on 5 bedroom homes because of how many people the home sleeps and add in profit centers on cleaning and extra people. The landlords often don’t want big events or parties though.

If you keep the vacancies pretty low and use Airbnb’s platform along with a few others to maximize cash flow you could eventually replace your income from your 9-5 job.

Different cities will rent out for different amounts based on how close they are to Mall of America, the airport, a hospital, big sporting events, or big concerts in town.

There are a lot of variables to test out with your Airbnb to optimize max rents with low vacancies and you can learn from others in the business from past mistakes that they have made.

Get Pre-Approved to buy a Minnesota Airbnb this week

To search updates and vacancies

Before you buy an Airbnb property knowing there have been many changes in the travel industry it’s important to know how to choose the right bedrooms, layout, and the right areas next to important locations or downtown.

Some choose to have 5 bedrooms and sleep 19, others choose choose to rent out other rooms in the same place.

Some choose to be near an airport, a mall, or a hospital to get people to stay for a few days. Some choose minimum stays of a few days and choose to allow no parties.

You’ll want to know the little tips and tricks on how to get max rents, handle the cleaning.

You’ll learn how to stage the property on a budget and what’s the right furniture.

Learning to buy the right furniture and stage the home to make it a comfortable environment for your traveler so that you get a great review.

Your reputation and reviews online are very important to keep ranking well in the search engines to keep your vacancies full.

Reach out to me to learn how to be a successful Minnesota Airbnb investor

If you are not able to get financing look into buying on a Minnesota contract for deed



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