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What does too much loan leverage as a Minnesota landlord look like?

Posted by on Sep 20, 2019 in minnesota landlords

Minnesota Landlord Leverage

Whether you are a brand new Minnesota landlord or have been a landlord for years with a handful of rentals I’m here to tell you how to look for situations that sound like yours where you may be too leveraged with loans and money and maybe even time as a Minnesota landlord.

Let’s say you don’t wait years and years to keep saving 20% down to go the traditional route on additional properties. Let’s keep the …

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Qualify with 12 months of NO 30+ day late payments PLUS fill out an online app to determine your DTI to buy a Minnesota home

Posted by on Sep 19, 2019 in minnesota home buyer

As I’ve talked to 100s of people quickly over the last few months as they decide whether they want to buy a house, or if they believe they will even qualify, we quickly get into their credit score and money upfront.

Many who are thinking of renting quickly find out it’s less money upfront for many to qualify for a loan.

The fixed low interest rate may even protect you from an a future inflationary economy where rents go way …

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If perceived value of collateral goes down we could see falling demand and liquidity issues

Posted by on Sep 19, 2019 in us economy

Earnings Recession US Economy

The US economy is in an interesting spot right now. We are said to have parts of the economy in an earnings recession, that’s not the definition that most are familiar with.

When many people think of a recession they think of it lasting for a couple years and a lot of people out of work and a large loss of your stocks and real estate values or the Minnesota home that you live in.…

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