Buying a Minnesota home with 30 day late payment
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"I'm ready, I've decided it's time to sell my mn home as-is, fast cash offer!”

Buying a Minnesota home with 30 day late payment

Buying a Minnesota home with 30 day late payment

As I’ve talked to 100s of people quickly over the last few months as they decide whether they want to buy a house, or if they believe they will even qualify, we quickly get into their credit score and money upfront.

Many who are thinking of renting quickly find out it’s less money upfront for many to qualify for a loan.

The fixed low interest rate may even protect you from an a future inflationary economy where rents go way up.

What we find out is with a VA loan we will talk to about anyone with any credit score and since it’s 100% we are just looking for people eligible such as:

Do you have a DD214 form?

-Air Force

-National Guard




-Disabled Vets

Then we find out that those with 550+ credit scores and no collections can qualify for 100% USDA.

We would recommend buying in these cities:

Buffalo, Big Lake, Monticello, Zimmerman, Delano, Isanti, Cambridge, North Branch, Lidstrom, Annandale, Stacy, North of East Bethel, West of Mound, South of Lakeville.

You’ll agree that the above upfront and credit score requirements are pretty easy.

What we will say upfront is in most cases you should not have a 30+ day late reporting to your credit report in the past 12 months because that makes getting approved tough. Maybe with VA, maybe with FHA, but it would be hard plus your credit score had likely suffered already with the late payment.

We also need to see you be very determined to fill out an application as lenders need to get the full picture with your debt to income ratio so the income and the expenses then we will know how good of a chance you have at getting pre-approved.

We wouldn’t keep following up with you just to fill out an app, you would have to be pretty self-motivated to do it. So keep your bills paid on time for a year and you are on your way towards home ownership. 100% makes things easy.

We can follow up with you on messenger someday when the timing is right.

Learn more about the two 100% home buyer programs here

There is a great Minnesota contract for deed program here no banks needed



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"I'm ready, I've decided it's time to sell my mn home as-is, fast cash offer!”

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