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Are you moving to a nursing home sell your Minnesota home as-is fast

Are you moving to a nursing home sell your Minnesota home as-is fast

One of the final moves before hospice is moving to a nursing home. It happens as we age and it isn’t something that any of us look forward to.

You may be reading this right now as the person who is ready to take that next step to move to a nursing home.

You may be part of the sandwich generation where you are taking care of your kids and need to help your parents make this big decision in their life.

You may even be reading this where you can relate because this is happening to your grandma or grandpa.

It’s a tough decision to have to either move from your home where all of the memories were made with your family growing up or moving from an assisted living.

Here’s what I hear a lot of:

When it’s time to leave that home after 20-50 years you likely didn’t update the house and kept a lot of stuff that has piled up over the decades.

You may have kept the old shag carpet, drapes that are brown, yellow or orange and even left the old woodwork and that’s ok because it made you happy over the years, but it would be considered dated now.

Today’s new home buyer likely will want to see a newly remodeled home and will have many to choose from, so they will choose the best looking ones first.

If your Minnesota house hasn’t been fixed up in 20-50 years it probably needs at least $50,000 in fix up and a new buyer is unlikely to buy it and most lenders wouldn’t lend if its in really bad shape.

Big decision when selling your Minnesota home as-is fast

The big decision of going to the nursing home is related to your health and being dependent on a medical staff to look after you and make sure you stay alive and take your medicine and eat the right foods.

You’ll want to me in close proximity to a hospital in case there is an emergency. The nursing homes are easily over $100,000 a year these days, it’s not cheap.

Often selling your home to get the equity is where the money will come from. Your estate may have a will, you may be dealing with probate.

Maybe some siblings have inherited the house from mom and dad. You have enough other things to worry about that selling the house shouldn’t be one of them.

Even if your Minnesota home doesn’t show well and you don’t want a hassle with the process, let me know your situation and I’ll connect you with a local Minnesota Investor that is fine buying homes in any condition who has a lot of experience and access to a lot of cash.

Sometimes a creative terms offer makes more sense then a cash offer to get you a better price.

We can at least start the conversation. Message me when you can I have a ‘motivated seller’ link above

Talk to you soon,


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