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Are you moving to an assisted living? sell your Minnesota home as-is fast

Are you moving to an assisted living? sell your Minnesota home as-is fast

Assisted living may be your next step when your current home living situation no longer works for your long-term health.

You may have owned your Minnesota home for many years, and that’s where your family grew up and all the kids, and their measurements are still written on the walls with crayon or pencil.

At some point the home becomes too big for you, and you simply can’t walk up and down the stairs any longer as your back, legs and especially knees hurt too much to do so.

It’s time to move and downgrade to something smaller and a more simple life. You know that even with a wheelchair you can try to add handles, bars and special seats in the shower so that you don’t risk falling.

Your Minnesota house has maybe not been updated in 30 to 60 years and although you like it just how it is, it’s going to need a lot of repairs to sell it on the market.

A few local real estate investors in Minnesota May want to buy it even if it needs $50,000 in updates.

Due to the money and risk fewer investors or buyers exist out there and you may not like the offer that they make on your house at first.

Eventually you’ll need a nurse nearby and someone to help you with clarity on taking the right pills and not making the mistake of the wrong pills.

You are trying to be tough to do it on your own, but at some point you get tired and worn out and it’s time to do what’s best for your daily health and move into an assisted living.

The good news is the assisted living will have a staff and other people your age to enjoy activities with in your community.

You will be able to have someone look after you some more than being in your house alone by yourself risking a fall.

A lot of costs involved when selling your Minnesota home

Assisted living isn’t cheap and it’s going to eat into your retirement, so when you are ready and it’s time you may want to consider selling your house.

If you do it before you become desperate you may be able to get a better price.

As you get older and your lifestyle and health adjusts take some time to reflect on what’s best for you.

Possibly living closer to your kids, grandchildren or the hospital.

If selling your house is something you are considering doing within 30 days and you are motivated to make that final decision please message me online and click on one of the motivated seller links on my website.

I wish you luck in your journey of aging and the new life that awaits you. Stay connected to community and simplify your life and take care of yourself.

Assisted living may be the move after selling your house, or maybe it’s a group home with others. Stay safe and watch your health.

Here is another article if you are moving to an assisted, independent, nursing or senior living.

Learn how to get an offer on your Minnesota home when you are motivated



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