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sell your Minnesota home as-is fast due to pending filed divorce papers with a lawyer

sell your Minnesota home as-is fast due to pending filed divorce papers in the records with the courts with an attorney near you

You may currently be in the mediation or uncontested part in the pending divorce, not yet with the divorce degree

You’ve reached a point in your marriage where you are separated, or ready to discuss financials and custody of the kids

You may be still in the process of shopping for how much rates and costs online in the US to find what’s average per state in America

If you are selling your home in Minnesota, we have local buyers near you. Look forward the home sellers link below

It’s not going to last and it’s heading downhill quickly towards an annulment

For some of you, you will be fortunate to still be friends, and some will be forced to get along for the sake of your kids.

The situation isn’t easy and it’s likely been building up for a long time. For others the money is the stressor and you have decided that you just don’t want to live like this anymore. For others it was an easier decision because someone cheated.

With divorce attorneys, paperwork, courts, custody battles, it’s an emotional rollercoaster ride for most and it will uproot and disrupt your work life. Your co-workers will see it in your eyes and your heart is broken, the fairytale is over.

Will you trust others in your personal or business life ever again? For now it may seem like you won’t, your trust has been shattered, at least for now

You’ll do anything to keep your kids happy and bring them the best future possible.

For most, it’s complicated, hard to talk openly about and can drag out on many levels for years

Talking to others who have gone through it is therapeutic vs. burying the deep emotions like you are somehow different, or have something to be embarrassed about.

As complex and emotional as it all is, we all know that the housing situation causes more financial arguments and complicates things even more.

Who Will get custody of the kids, who will keep the home, how do you split the equity, you don’t want the title in the ex-spouses name, you are trying to severe all joint bank account and credit cards.

Credits been beat up sell as-is fast

It’s likely your credit has taken a beating and you’ll need guidance on how to navigate out there with your damaged credit.

You’d prefer an investor or professionals who have worked with others in distressed situations.

Splitting up that equity is going to be a pain, but it’s necessary before it causes a vacant house or foreclosure situation.

It’s time to move forward, take action and start a fresh new life. No matter what stage you are in if you are ready for help, motivated to sell your house and just want someone else to take this headache away from you to give you a little more peace of mind for now, please make sure to message me.

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“I’m ready, I’ve decided it’s time to sell my mn home as-is, fast cash offer!”

You can get through this, others before you have, connect with me when the timing is right. You may even be reading this months early.



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