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Are you a Motivated Minnesota Home Owner that can no longer make my payments? Sell as-is fast

Are you a Motivated Minnesota Home Owner that can no longer make my payments? Sell as-is fast

It’s a common problem here in Minnesota you can no longer make your house payments and you are feeling rushed to sell or stuck selling.

There are a number of reasons why you, or someone you know gets stuck in this housing situation, so let’s go over just a few:

Making 2 payments at once-

It happens to a lot of people after relocating out of state, or owning a vacation home in Minnesota that sits vacant for months. If you can’t make 2 payments on a house that sits vacant and you don’t have time to learn AIrbnb than you may be watching your savings dwindle away as the cost of that second vacant home is sucking up your cash flow.

Vacant home or vacancies

You may have been use to renting out rooms or one side of a duplex, but due to moving out of state, or being busy with work, family or aging relatives you may just be too busy to deal with the vacancies and the extra payments may be eating at your remaining networth as your cash emergency savings is disappearing a little every single day.


With so many getting divorced and dealing with attorneys, court, custody battles and fight for home equity, you’ll have a lot going on in your life and you won’t have time to deal with the headache which is your house, so it will be time to sell the house to make your life less complicated.

House needs too many repairs-

This is so common in today’s world where many aging parents and grandparents have deferred repairs and the houses haven’t been remodeled in 30 to 60 years and will have a very small market of buyers once the housing market slows down.

The few investors interested in buying will need a large discount in order to make it worth their time and risk. This may be where a homeowner becomes motivated to sell at 50% of the after repair value or less. I’m seeing it now in a softer market, but it will accelerate more as the housing market moves towards a recession.

ARM adjusted on your variable rate loan-

When you buy on a 2 or 5 year adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) you usually get a lower rate. If rates go up over time your higher mortgage payment could be more than you can afford monthly, and it will start to eat away at your savings and you will need to eventually sell quickly.

Need to move to an assisted living or nursing home-

Very common these days for the aging population to need to move into an assisted living or nursing home due to limited mobility. Stairs are no longer an option and they may need to sell to live near a hospital.

Medical bills, student debt or mounting debt has forced you to need to sell for equity

Today’s consumer has so much debt that they can barely keep up and eventually could go into collections or be forced to liquidate their home to avoid foreclosure or bankruptcy. Once you have collections, bankruptcy or foreclosure, your options for buying another home with a bank become more limited.


Once you fall behind long enough the lender will require the full amount you are behind and no longer allow partial payments.

Once you have a notice of default and a scheduled sheriff sale your options and time is very limited.

There will be a redemption parried, but creative options by investors buying the house will often require you to vacate the house.

Lay-off or getting fired for family income-

A layoff or firing in the family could leave others with half the income and with a leveraged debt household like many.

Households will need to deleverage, sell, liquidate and move quickly as most don’t have savings and can’t afford a situation like someone losing a job for a period of time.

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