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Positioning myself for real estate investing marketing

Positioning myself for real estate investing marketing

Positioning is very important for your real estate business whether you are a real estate agent for just one area, or you do owner financing, or you are a mortgage broker doing specific loan programs.

Over a period of time your positioning in the marketplace will be reinforced and others in your sphere and circle of influence will provide word of mouth indirectly and direct referrals based on you being an expert at a specific service.

When it comes to your positioning it’s important to consider your long-term strategy as to not let real estate cycles and technology disruption affect your positioning, or you will be pivoting into a different business model.

MN real estate investors Positioning in marketing

To learn more about positioning look up al ries on audible for the book positioning and you’ll learn the concept on a deeper level. Marketing has many levels from the internet, the tech, the branding, networking, positioning, copywriting, etc.

Stay tuned to more blog posts where we will discuss other ways for us to work together in real estate locally and nationally. Take a moment to direct message me on Instagram or messenger with a hello or some ideas to work together or questions. I’m in Minnesota but would like to connect with others in other states as well.

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