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Can you guess the 3+ reasons why your real estate investing marketing isn’t working for you…

Can you guess the 3+ reasons why your real estate investing marketing isn’t working for you…

For you who are a fan of the cash flow quadrant like I am you have heard of Robert Kiyosaki saying from the Rich Dad education series is don’t work for money have money work for you.

My question for you today is do you have your marketing working for you?

So you know that you need to sell people in order to get targeted interested prospects contacting you, right?

Let’s take it one more step forward. You want to not only write content, but learn copywriting to really identify the problem you are solving in the marketplace. So now that you have written content like I am writing here you will want a call to action for people to dm you with questions.

Now I wanted targeted traffic otherwise I could waste years talking to the wrong market that’s why you want to use targeted hashtags in your marketing. The targeted hashtags on social media will get you new traffic and you already are attaching the article that you’ve written.

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Headlines and articles

So now you go to post your article on social media with the hashtags, but here’s the trick. Consistent headlines, targeted hashtags, and a consistent marketing message will build a tribe and community that will be sharing your message for more reach simply by engaging with your post. This includes clicking the video, clicking the image, liking the image, clicking for more, or even commenting.

Just engaging is sharing, the less the message is relevant, the faster the momentum of reach will stop, and the more you’ll try to correct this alignment with paid marketing.

You’ll keep paying for your page likes, followers, or post likes, but will run into reach problems if you don’t make your message relevant.

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3 things to focus on:

Focus on split tests



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