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Minnesota Real Estate Investors Focus on the business

As the emyth tells us it’s important to focus on the business vs. doing the detailed stuff in the business.

We should focus on the best use of our time, outsource what takes up our time and practice doing things the most efficient way and don’t do what doesn’t really need to get done, or just extra work.

With so many ways to waste time with different tools, meaningless data and stats, it’s important to track what is really working, and be data-driven.

When you really focus on daily habits, and what you spend your time on you will eventually figure out if it’s a building investment activity, or a time waster.

You can only find this out by measuring the results of what you are doing each day.  Most people don’t measure enough from where they invest money online, offline, and their time networking with people.

Today is full of distractions, and more information is flooding the marketplace, so be very discerning with your time, and catch yourself by being self-aware and A/B Split Testing what is and isn’t working.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Focus on the business growth

When I say focus on the business, I do not just mean time management I mean actually focusing on the big picture from increasing the leads, increasing the conversions and increasing the efficiency of your fulfillment and how it’s outsourced.

Focus on building a team and making sure their values are aligned, and remove all friction.

I believe most people spend time in the fulfillment and in the business which is not focusing on the front end of the leads and conversions, thus they are not investing time in business growth when they are doing these fulfillment activities.

It’s easy to outsource much of your fulfillment, so it’s good to make sure you are producing content, and getting leads and conversions working well.

You will want to develop habits in your business systems that increase the probability of business growth.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Focus on the right leads

One of the biggest wastes of time is working with the wrong clients, or when your headlines and content are speaking to and communicating with the wrong type of clients.

Through feedback and helping find the pain point in the market place you will be able to write the right headlines and content to educate and attract the right future clients, so that they are in alignment and working with them on the fulfilment, being paid, cashflow, etc will all good a lot smoother for you.

There is no shortage of people who need help who can take you off focus of growing your business and doing some of your highest activities.

I find that business in the marketplace can’t grow because they don’t have systems, daily habits, and just aren’t tracking with the mindset to keep growing.

Tracking stats and A/B split testing towards better conversions can have a compounding effect towards business growth.  Track online and offline and make sure there is a lot of follow up.

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