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Is Your Soul on Fire?

When it comes to life and MN business is your soul on fire?

Do you live with passion? Do you love to continuously optimize your life and improve every single day.  Do you love compound learning? I love doing all of these things as I find learning quickly and learning the right things makes me connect the dots faster and enjoy what I am learning more.

I often need the framework and context container to fit what I learn into.  This makes learning faster and knowing where to store it in my brain.

I love the quote and idea of someone’s soul being on fire with passion.  To know you found what you love, is a rare thing indeed.  I love to look at data and stats and see that people love to learn also or read, or share what I do.

Then this has a compounding effect that keeps feeding off itself and the word spreads.  I am here to teach what I am seeing in the data, which patterns that I see are working and help you to achieve the same things.  My goal is for you to love what you blog about and also have success.

Being online about 20 years since 1995 I’ve got to explore a lot of ideas.  I continue to look for big exploration of A/B split tests.

The goal is to get into that peak flow state where everything comes naturally, effortlessly and easily.  This is what we all want, so our lives become more easy and enjoyable and we have free time to enjoy every single day.  This comes a lot from compounding time, and utilizing effective strategies online.  It helps to have a tribe or followers that help share what you do, this makes my time far more effective and I can help others by providing lots of value.

Passion about Daily Habits

When we get to the point where we are passionate about our daily habits, then they become easier and more rewarding to us.

Over the years I have found a way to make blogging go from a chore to actually enjoying it the more I realize that it has a compounding effect, % wins along the way that compound and give you a lot of data to study in google analytics and ways to pivot and make data-driven decisions to get even further ahead.

Creating familiar daily habits that you can track for improvements and see improving patterns in just motivates anyone even more to work even harder, or it won’t feel harder because you will just be even more inspired.  Then you’ll see more success.

This is where the saying success breeds success comes from.  This is the success you want to capture in a bottle or amplify to share with the world and help others replicate.  I like to teach what is and isn’t working online to others, so that I can save them hours, days, weeks, months and years.  I am finding that powerful quotes are what people love to share, and they are powerful.

They reach out to 10,000’s if you reach the right facebook pages.  Facebook has the potential to be a great viral product if you can get the audience to identify with your quote.  If you can get people to read your blog daily then you really have created something special.

It’s a great way to help align people with your thinking and help others contact you at one point and work with you in some capacity.

When you thinking of blogging, you have to think of it in a different way because blogging may sound like work or boring to some, but you have to think about it in the way of improving it daily and writing the perfect blog post.

Compounded Passion Flow State

I think the goal is to get into flow state and stay in that flow state.  You are obviously optimized when you get to that place in your mind where everything just flows.

Life becomes timeless for a bit, and you just are in a stream of consciousness.

Tap into that power, that thinking and try to replicate it as much daily as you can.

Learning anything that interests you can get you there, then sharing it by writing about it, but then when others share about it, it reaches the full circle and then your tribe of like-minded people add up.

It’s a fun process, so keep it going full circle and let your efforts compound over time.

I find marketing online to be one of the great compounding effects and it offers so much rich data to learn from, pivot off of, and make informed decisions from as to where to focus on future energy.

You can tweak hourly and daily based on what you learn.  When you are in that flow state you will know it because you won’t have writers block and your fingers won’t keep up with your ideas, passion and creativity.

Keep learning and growing and keep sharing your passion with the world.  Create a business, a product or service and help the world find out what it’s all about.

Learn to use a sales funnel, get fast adoption rate and hopefully it takes off someday.  Thanks again everyone for reading and sharing my blog posts.


Ron Orr

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