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Periscope on the Android May 26th

From what I’ve heard it started with meerkat in the beginning and then you heard that periscope was in development for 2 years and twitter came along and purchased periscope for nearly $100 million.  Within 1 week they released it on March 26th.  I believe I heard it took 2 months before periscope was released to Android.  So Android people haven’t had the jump start of those on the iphone.

I think it’s very important as I follow Alex and Mark shaw who it sounds like started using it the minute it came out.

Amanada Oleander who is #1 with almost 300,000 followers now is like the Tom of Myspace.

She said she was using it on the 2nd day.  This shows you how important it was to start in the early days of periscope.  Most would say with 4 months in we are still in the early days, and I’d agree since it’s been just over 2 months with Android.  Platforms come and go, but this one is tied strongly to the #periscope hashtag and twitter.

It’s also a great way to get an audience of 10-20 instantly, like no other platforms that I’ve seen including google hangout or a webinar without a lot of work and effort for days or weeks.  So know that so many of you are new to this whole thing, especially the android users.

Periscope no map feature on Android

One part I am missing still as of 7/31/2015 is the map feature that I hear about.  I was on Alex Pettitt periscope broadcast a week ago and It seemed like most of the people said they used the map feature to find others in the area doing a periscope.  As an android user I do see a red dot on a map, a tiny photo, but I haven’t seen this feature yet.  I have found a way to go to and click on maps to find a web version.  The challenge with this is on the web replays you can’t comment, or give hearts, and I am sure you don’t show up as someone joining.  But this website can be used to find other actions such as joining or comments to track people on twitter and this website to see who is on your webcasts.  This is for anyone no matter if you are android or iphone.  I have noticed a lot of people lately saying they see me or are in the area and that’s how they found me on periscope, so I am looking forward to when the latest periscope has the map feature for android.

Periscope Swipe up vs. Left to Right

One other part that I find is something that differs and is brought up often, and I assume this is how it is from what I hear, since I don’t use periscope.  Swiping left to right with IOS, iphone, or swiping up with android.  This should give you the option to see many of the live participants.  This should give you a chance to follow the broadcaster, and to follow anyone that it shows that is on the live periscope.  This is also a way to click ‘share broadcast‘ where you can choose now between sharing on twitter or sharing with all of your followers, which I assume means twitter and periscope followers.  I saw this last option recently come up in the last few days, as I only remember the twitter option before.  I believe on the broadcast that when people share on twitter it shows shared on twitter with the bird icon, but when you use the other it shows invited people.  I think that’s how it works.


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