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It’s so great to finally have the new design of the website blog after 12 years of having the domain, I know have a fusion theme that I love that is going to look great on my smartphone as well.

I have a great topic to write and blog about and that is periscope.  I can’t wait to start ranking my Ron Orr website vs. the tumblr website with SEO.  My goal at the start of this blog is to rank many blog posts that give great value to you as it relates to periscope and my intention is to build a live audience.

What a fun week since I started this post.  I have brought Plomo @joel2000 onto periscope, and Rick Solano @solano1  as well as Bob Dale , Brian Lathe @successbrian.  magic brad, and Jeff @magnetdude joined in, and also I have had some nice exchanged emails with @dalebrose.

It’s getting exciting as you watch the community start to grow and your friends get notifications when I go live and it will be easier now to build a community with closer to live real-time interactions which facebook is missing and twitter just was not doing with a few characters.

With this new live option, people seem addicted early on.  They get people from all over the world to comment on their live stream.

Give it time to Grow

Based on all of the things going on online these days you have to give yourself time to let your audience grow.  I don’t just try to put in 10-12 hour days. I focus on working smart and looking for patterns.  For example I find that SEO traffic from my experience just keeps growing and going up the rankings if it’s on topic, aligned with your blog and the backlinks support each other.  In a fast moving dynamic, always changing world, it’s great to know that some postings can go up in the rankings with smart work.  For example in my posts not only do I want to wake up to traffic every day i would suggest you follow me on twitter @ronorr also at with the idea that you will get my periscope links on your twitter notifications and watch my live videos and communicate or watch me when you have time.

Build a relationship over time

The idea is that people live all over the world, and even those that are 3 miles away are busy and hard to get to drive in traffic or make appointments or stick to them, so get 5-10 minutes of their time when you can these days.  I believe periscope takes it to another level that facebook and twitter have not been able to.  It feels more live and it’s like being there in person more then the other social mediate platform products.

Build your relationships through networking and giving and helping others.  This is a solid foundation in the a world that is dynamically changing.

Also the top of the funnel that is the most wide really is the 1.2 trillion searches per year from google, so make sure to lay the groundwork and get thousands of articles to diversify yourself, especially against the U.S. dollar and economy.

Everyone wants daily traffic for free in an organic and targeted away.  From there bring them through the funnel tell them about your twitter @ronorr to follow, they’ll read the blog post and they can also follow on facebook

Get people to follow you daily through notifications and high value content. Do writing, syndicating on twitter and facebook and do live video stream broadcasting to solidify it.

A lot of what I am saying is in alignment with my systems philosophy I am telling you why to set it up this way and the thinking behind it.

Thank you,

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