Instagram trick for real estate investing marketers

I’m sharing tips on Instagram for those that are doing real estate marketing and in this video I share why I think the...


Strategy: marketing, real estate, and the economy

In this video I discuss long-term thinking and being prepared for all of the changes from Facebook to demographics in real estate and...

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5 pillars of life

5 pillars of lifeIn this video I discuss my 5 pillars from spirituality to mindset, health, relationships and financial. These have been my...

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7-9 figure real estate, business and investor conversations

In this video I’m discussing the investor meeting from last night and how we can all learn from each other from any quadrant....

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Conversion optimization real estate investors

Conversion optimization real estate investors Let me take your investor mindset and discuss with you a conversion optimization mindset that’s about qualifying your hard...


REINVEST Conversion Rate Optimization Investors

In this video I explain how an investor mindset and digital marketer have the same vision in business with cycles, cash flow and...

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CAsh flow quadrant step by step

Full video click here: Cash flow quadrant notes…Investor Quadrant- Check out the article for rich dad cash flow quadrant here Time value of...

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Minnesota real estate investors Cash flow quadrant here at lake nokomis

Minnesota real estate investors Cash flow quadrant. Work remote 24/7 with flexibility In this video I talk about how you can still qualify...

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MN real estate investors Self-employed and business quadrant

MN real estate investors Self-employed and business quadrant In this video I discuss how someone from the self-employed s quadrant who’s evolved into...

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Cycles Cashflow and Minnesota Real Estate Investing

#Cycles, #cashflowquadrant and #mnrealestate In this video I discuss different cycles in life and how we move ourselves through the different cash flow...


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