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MN real estate investors Self-employed and business quadrant

MN real estate investors Self-employed and business quadrant

In this video I discuss how someone from the self-employed s quadrant who’s evolved into the business quadrant can work with growing self-employed quadrants quadrant minnesota real estate agents.

Check out the article for rich dad cash flow quadrant here

The business quadrant person knows how to grow a team, train, handle multiple follow up and closing cycles and cash flow and operating cycles. The business quadrant has experience in the investor quadrant with cash flow cycles, net operating income, and different rent cycles as well. So much for the s quadrant to learn.

The s quadrant provides value with his/her time with the follow up of the pipeline building relationships and trust and education the employee or business quadrant home buyers. Most of the buyers are employees who manage their personal cash flow budgets to improve their credit score, save for a down payment and purchase a home.

So much to learn through the different quadrant mindsets.





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