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Vanity metrics: measure what matters

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In this video I discuss a great article that I just read on LinkedIn by Neil Patel. I’m sharing with you why you need to go deeper into these metrics from bounce rates, to time on site to email opens.
Yes this is a game of conversion optimization and monetization. It’s about qualifying your time and money. The good news is the internet gives us so much data and metrics for measuring. Just measure what matters.

We are now all …

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CAsh flow quadrant step by step

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Cash flow quadrant notes…Investor Quadrant-

Time value of money

Money value of time

Supply and demand

Base expenses paid
Business Quadrant-


Cash flow cycles

Supply and demand


Follow up


B2B Team

Time Management

Work on the B2B business
Self-Employed Quadrant-

Consistent Lead Flow

Cash flow cycles



Follow up


B2B Network

Time Management

Work on the B2C business
Employee Quadrant-


Cash Flow


Asset vs. Liability

Time management


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Cash flow quadrant here at lake nokomis

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Cash flow quadrant. Work remote 24/7 with flexibility
In this video I talk about how you can still qualify your time, your deals and network and educate with a flexible schedule. Today’s work is about using the great technology and education that we have access to

Today’s world is about flexibility and investing in a long-term lifestyle that allows you to work from more locations. I think this comes from utilizing content and an on-demand audience.

Through my videos I’d …

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