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Landlord Inflation/Deflation Leveraged Downward Debt Trap Spiral

Posted by on Nov 6, 2022 in Landlords

Assuming you, the reader, are a homeowner with a 3-4% fixed interest rate, that doesn’t want to sell, now believe house prices are going down for many reasons into the future for reasons such as: layoffs, unemployment, higher rates and possibly higher inventory.

Let’s not forget comps are being repriced downward weekly as there are very motivated sellers liquidating to very few cash buyers such as:


Open Door



Hedge Funds

Failed Airbnb’s

Failed BRRRR

Failed Rehabs


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Shift Happens

Posted by on Nov 5, 2022 in Uncategorized


From motivated buyers to motivated sellers

We have gone from ‘the fear of missing out to just fear’ in the national housing market.  Some cities with a lot of speculation have seen very large inventory spikes.

The world is not like 2008 with poor underwriting, a subprime crisis and many ARM loans.

That small segment improved since 2008.  In some ways today it’s a far far bigger problem as the global debt is now over $300 trillion in debt where …

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