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Joy, Appreciation, Empowerment, Freedom and Love when selling your MN house as-is fast

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You may have come to this page from the previous emotion down the scale passion

Appreciation is a higher vibration than gratitude. Gratitude is overcoming something from the past with a small amount of resistance. Both are very high positive vibrations.

When you have the feeling of selling your house, you may dream of your next home amd selling at the joy appreciation stage ready to take inspired action.

You are receptive allowing more things to appreciate because you are at a very high frequency and vibration. You will feel joy, ease, relaxation. You will love the way that you are feeling.

Your peace of mind will be now and you will have that feeling before you even sell your house because it’s not conditional on the external factor of selling.

You feel it upfront because you have practiced being tuned into the feeling of this freedom of joy.

You feel this transformation from. Where you were before. You recognize your internal GPS guidance system of the path of least resistance.

Right now you are eagerly anticipating the next thing to happen and feel great momentum. You ate ready to text me soon at this frequency to discuss how the process of selling your house works.

You don’t have resistance at this stage. You are truly in alignment. You are ready to move forward with ease.

I wanted to show you a couple of YouTube videos by Abraham-Hicks for this current page emotions of: Joy, Appreciation, Empowerment, Freedom and Love with the goal of how you can get to the next level to sell your MN house by clicking the article link at the bottom of this article.

Here is an Appreciation rampage by Abraham-Hicks to show you how she’s practicing her appreciation frequency with aligned words.

She’s speaking her imagined future into reality. She’s getting into her vortex. You can sense the momentum.

Think of listening to this over and over to practice like you would in sports. Listen in the background, while you are on social media, while you ate eating, while you are sleeping.

This website allows you to do Picture in Picture and move the small screen while you do other things on your phone.

Don’t think of memorizing knowledge and trying to keep up, think of just letting it enter and program your sun conscious mind.

Your subconscious is the engine and this audio is the fuel. Click to listen over and over here:

Here is another appreciation rampage to practice listening to🔥Abraham_HicksRampage_of_APPRECIATION🔥_NO_ADS!

You will notice after listening awhile that you will be naturally going with the flow of everything.

As the years go on you will hear what Esther says at different levels. You will be more open and more receptive over time. If you follow my other articles you will read a lot of quotes from Abraham-Hicks.

I’ve provided you a couple rampages of mostly Abraham-Hicks speaking, but do realize that many audios have questions from the audience and she will go through them step by step with the guiding of the thoughts and emotions.

She has had a consistent message since the early 1980s and really intends to explain it with as many words and perspectives as she can until you become receptive to it and hear it in such a way that it sinks in and gives you full clarity and alignment.

By practicing this high frequency signal you are positioning yourself strongly from the noise of the world. You will continue to be a strong attracting magnet. New insights and new ideas will flood your mind with creativity.

Because ‘like’ thoughts attract ‘like’ thoughts and it compounds the more you stay at that high frequency. You will continue to create your world.

By now you realize that the contrast that you have experienced has helped give you clarity and alignment for where you are today with joy, freedom and a feeling of alignment.

This joy and appreciation is the highest emotion up the scale for you to practice thinking, feeling, and speaking to create your own reality before selling your Minnesota house as-is fast

When you are ready to sell your Minnesota house as-is fast click here to read my detailed article before you text me

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