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Grant Cardone Alignment Lifestyle with Marketing

I’ve been watching Grant Cardone videos for about 5 years and I can say that he is quite the marketer and he hustles and works hard.

I first heard about him from the 10x brand and later followed him to watch his marheyimh and his perspective ok real estate investing.

Networth- A 2020 google search puts him at a networth of $300 million. He is on the show undercover billionaire so maybe he’s worth more.

Grant Cardone does have his own brand besides 10x and that’s Grant Cardone Sales Training University. You’ll learn about sales and closing. Click here

Many wonder who is this Grant Cardone guy. I didn’t see a Wikipedia for Grant Cardone trying looking at this one as it expands

You can read Grant Cardones blog here

Elena Cardone does a lot of the videos, training and marketing with her husband Grant. You can follower her here on Instagram.

10x rule, sold or be sold, the closers survival guide, if you aren’t first you are last are a few of Grant’s more popular Books

Be obsessed or be average, the millionaire booklet, dominate your market, are a few of his Audiobooks, plus the books above are ok audible.

For those that want the Grant Cardone Playbooks you can go here

Businesses- I follow Grant Cardone for his money raising capital business marketing as well as his marketing on multi-family investments for real estate investing. He sees to own a lot of units at this point as he’s been at it a few decades. He does seem to have a lot of car salesman in his audience also.

Let me share with you a couple Quotes from Grant Cardone that I liked about clarity of purpose and buying cash flowing assets.

10x rule is really a strong brand for Grant it’s on his T shirts, planes and it’s way of living and thinking to think 10 times bigger. His brand is great for motivation.

Grant has no shortage of content with YouTube videos you can check out his YouTube channel here on selling, closing, thinking big and real estate

You can follow Grant Cardone on Twitter here

You can follow Grant Cardone on his Instagram here

You can follow Grant Cardone also on Snapchat

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