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Gary Vee Alignment Lifestyle with Marketing

Who is Gary Vee? Gary is known for his hustle and motivation in business. Gary Vaynerchuk is his name, but in marketing he goes by Gary Vee to keep it simple.

He’s known as an entrepreneur who runs businesses for branding and shoe line of unique sneakers and helps many companies with their marketing.

He’s also known for being a keynote speaker and helping you with businesses strategies on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for example.

I feel a large part of his audience are those in college or younger, but he’s also know for encouraging those to be entrepreneurs and not feel the need to go to college.

He’s known for the Gary Vee show all over social media with millions of followers which first started out on YouTube with his wine library videos.

I saw Gary February 3rd when the super bowl event was in Minneapolis Minnesota and he spoke to some of us at the IHOP. You should be able to see Gary tour events .

I got a quick video clip with him wishing me a happy birthday as it was the day February 2nd.

In 2019 Gary Vee was estimated to be worth $160 million based on one source online.

I think Gary Content model is really about consistency and putting out a lot of content daily on all platforms. He’s also very direct in your face on telling it like it is.

Find out about Gary Vee Podcast audio here

You can buy Gary Vee’s Books on Amazon or just buy them and listen to them on audible: jab jab right hook and crushing it. I listened to crushing it on audible and enjoyed it.

You can follow Gary Vee blog click here if you are not big on reading Gary offers a ton of videos all over all social media platforms.

I want to share a couple of Gary Vee Quotes that I liked about doing what you love forever and just really loving the daily process and habits in your lifestyle.

Gary Vee is one of the biggest on Social media with his marketing to millions which later got him known on TV.

He’s been on top of what’s cutting edge and the latest in technology as it relates to social media for over a decade.

If you want to see a lot of Gary Vee YouTube videos watch here on his YouTube channel

You can follow Gary Vee with his 9 million + other followers on Instagram

You can here Gary take on Snapchat and why it matters and follow him on his channel click here

You can follow Gary on Twitter here as that’s a good place to follow since twitter is a platform for taking in a lot of fast-paved content click here

Follow Gary Vee on Facebook at this link here on his page

Read some article from Gary Vee on LinkedIn and follow him here

You can listen to Gary on Clubhouse by following him @garyvaynerchuck

Gary’s TikTok has finally exploded and gone viral with over 6 million followers, you can follow him click here

I’ve watched some of Gary Vee Ebay Flipping Challenge content where you can see him visiting garage Sales as a side hustle and finding great deals on items and then listing them on EBay and flipping them and making money. It’s a great way for a lot of people to get started as an entrepreneur.

If you are looking for some great motivational quotes from Gary Vee check out Wallpaper right here

I don’t follow Gary Vee on Reddit but you can right here

Gary Vee and Tony Robbins have done a couple nice videos together you can watch one click here

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