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6+ reasons to sell my MN home fast including: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, NFT, Etherium, Safemoon…

Hey Ron, I gotta Sell my Minnesota home right now fast as-is

Did you see….

bitcoin’s up 30%, dogecoin up 50% today, what’s dogecoin latest price? …NFT selling for millions….Ron, I’m missing out by the hour!”

With all of the daily ups and downs, and big money being made…

It’s a crazy world with so many crypto coins worth billions now and bitcoin over a trillion. Can you keep up with the exchanges, Coinbase, Binance, the returns are crazy.

I am going to go over the details of these hot crypto coins in just a moment , but first this quick story…

I had friend I spoke to josh the other day from real estate…. he told me he turned $1000 into $30,000 in only 3 weeks in safemoon.

Did you know that The founder of etherium is only 27 and a billionaire?

Sure there’s some risk, but at some point you have to ask yourself is the new decentralized, DeFi Coinbase wallet world growing faster than real estate?

Is it the hedge to inflation?

At what point do i sell my Minnesota home and cash out?

Are you missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars by not cashing out your equity and investing into where the big exponential returns have been?

How big of returns do you need to see? How many of your friends need to become millionaires before you realize you got to get your Minnesota home sold today to not miss another hour and thousands of dollars missed.

Many are likely selling their home today to invest some of that money into different crypto’s because they don’t want to miss out on the future and huge returns.

Doing my own research….

Do your own research, I’m not here to offer any advice on where you invest your equity from your Minnesota home after you sell and cash out I just want to go over some of the future…

There are coins with offensive names which I won’t type here, there are so many coins with huge returns that you’ve never heard of…

Are you at the point where the opportunity cost of the money you aren’t making vs. your home equity are very far apart meaning that the crypto space is going up far faster into the future than even homes…

Is your house that you live in giving you monthly cash flow? Is it only taking money out of your pocket each month?

Do you just win on the daily volatility of the different cryptocurrencies?

You can go to to see the crypto’s with the highest market share and the most money invested in them.

Headline from today read that etherium is worth more in market cap than Walmart.

Dogecoin is 7 cents away from fedex market cap. Also you know the doge father Elon musk will likely talk about it on Saturday night live.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is really what started it all back in 2010 the history is rich with stories and the original inventor satoshi who others speculate on who he really is as he’s now been gone for 10 years.

Bitcoin going from about $18,000 to $64,000 recently.

There are now bitcoin lovers everywhere as big investing institutions now let clients buy. Also more companies are allowing payments to be in crypto’s.

What is Etherium?

Launched in July of 2015, created by Vitalik Buterin who some think has an iq of up to 257, I don’t believe anyone ever has in history. He’s so smart he’s referred to even as an alien jokingly.

The market cap explodes in April of 2021 and many holding became very rich.

Cryptokitties really rested the limits on the blockchain.

Watch this video to learn more

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What is dogecoin?

The owner who started dogecoin is a billionaire on paper I’ve heard. The dog and meme is huge online Elon musk and the winklevoss twins always talk about it.

Elon musk will be on Saturday night live, let’s see if he talks about it. He shares on twitter often in his tweets. Elon musk is the dogefather.

Up over 1000% last 30 days

I bought a very tiny amount last night

Real estate with great appreciation doesn’t even return that

Do your own research because crypto can be risky.

What is safemoon?

Moon token has been hot lately. It’s gone way up.

The leading way to buy SafeMoon is through PancakeSwap. PancakeSwap was launched last fall and serves as an automated market maker. It’s a decentralized finance (DeFi) application that allows a wide variety of trading, liquidity providing and yield farming operations.

People getting excited about safemoon

What is blockchain?

Chain of blocks that contain information. Timestamp digital documents, do it’s not possible to backdate them or tamper with them. An open lender that took off in 2009 when Santoshi used it for bitcoin. There is a concept called proof-of-work.

What is Coinbase?

An exchange, wallet, broker, it’s considered all of these things. Coinbase recently IPO’d.

The video below tells you there are thousands of crypto startups. I believe in the video that he stated that Coinbase was the 3rd largest direct listing only behind Facebook and Ali Baba.

Coinbase is really a mainstream disrupted much like robinhood. Coinbase is a software company. Coinbase is api-driven company. Coinbase embraces the developer community.

Here is more information on Coinbase

What is Binance.US? BNB

One of the worlds leading crypto currency exchanges. Basic and financed trading options. They also have an app that you can download. It also has futures trading and margin trading. Google SAFU to learn more about that. It works within the US regulations.

What is the cashapp?

Send and receive money for free through this app. Cash management with a cashapp credit card attached and to buy stocks and bitcoin. I personally have found it very easy to use. You can request money also. It’s owned by square, INC run by Jack Dorsey who also runs twitter. You can also add money through credit cards which I couldn’t do on robinhood.

What is the robinhood app?

Cash management with a credit card attached. Trade stocks, bitcoin, dogecoin, get a margin to trade. You can fund it with your checking account. The original commission-free trading app. They are known for offering a free share of stock for signing up.

What is NFT?

Nft is really a unique digital signature, like the Mona Lisa is one of a kind.

Learn about about nft through this video

Think digital art, video games and rare sports memorabilia.

Digital art beeple sells for $69 billion

I just saw the first house sold on an nft.

Disaster girl meme nft sells for $500,000 click here…

What is decentralized finance and defi?

Decentralized economy, currency money and crypto is looking to be the future as a way for the younger generation to close the gap as well as closing the gap on wealth inequality.

It’s much more of an open source transparent system for the economy.

Defi relies heavily on cryptography , blockchain and smart contracts.

Smart Contracts are the main building blocks for defi

Most smart contracts are built on etherium

Network effects are what make all of the above so successful. Mobile phone, fax, Uber, and Facebook have done well in the past because of network effects.

they also control supply and demand well through dynamic supply and demand.

With so much data available to us today we can make fluid data-driven decisions.

What is HODL?

HODL was said to be a misspelling of hold as in hold long-term , but it became a meme and has stuck for years. It’s also known as hold on for dear life. It’s the idea that fiat US dollar is hurt by inflation and that holding bitcoin long-term is thought to be the hedge insurance and protection by many.

Minnesita homeowners…

Do you want to start investing in the fast pace cutting-edge future and need to cash out your equity and sell your Minnesota home….

If this sounds like you, click here

“I’m ready, I’ve decided it’s time to sell my mn home as-is, fast cash offer!”

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