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How to Buy a 6 bedroom MN home at around a $2499 monthly payment vs. a $4000 monthly rent

If you are looking for an affordable 6+ bedroom

Closer to $2499 month

(I know this sounds too good, but I’ll explain the 1 loophole below…)

Here’s what I have for a unique program to make you think about that doesn’t include competing with all of the other local renters
So Here’s what it will do for you…
Possibly Save you over a thousand a month from the rental rates of well over $4000 per month that I’ve researched locally on Craigslist
How to get that amazing 6 Bedroom MInnesota home

There’s a unique way to save monthly that eliminates your rental competition and at a lower price to you

Wanna know what it is?

Keep reading…

When you search for 6 bedroom rentals in The twin cities aren’t you completely shocked to realize that he few remaining options are $3500 to $4200 per month

If you can’t afford to pay that every single month…

Because it’s not in your monthly budget.

You don’t want to sacrifice by finding the one property that is less money in an unsafe neighborhood or that hasn’t been fixed up In 30+ years.

You want to live in a quality home that is safe for your family, and that requires a nice solid 6 bedroom property even though there aren’t many options left and really zero affordable options by landlords and property management companies unless you want to live a few hours away in a very small town or in a different state, but your job won’t allow that.

You are feeling stuck in where to move your family as a lot of bedrooms and a lot of a Space are a top priority.

Occasionally one good 6 bedroom pops up on the market, but it’s gone in hours because your competition gets to it way faster.

But there’s ONE solution, so keep reading….

The few six bedrooms out there have been rentals for years and are run down and need of a lot of repair like carpet and paint, they were maybe college frat party homes and not taken care of well.

You need a great big home that shows well that’s been kept up over the years that’s actually affordable

What’s considered affordable for a 6 bedroom home?

$2499 month for a payment is affordable.

But Why are you stuck not finding this?

I can share the #1 reason why below

6 bedroom homes to rent are expensive, but with low interest rates they aren’t

So they don’t vanish off the market in hours and you keep missing out

Right now…

you aren’t in control of the pricing as you are always going to landlords and property managers who know they have a rare rental 6 bedroom in super high demand, so they get away charging you over $4000 month for monthly rent.

You don’t want that option

The secret way you gain back control is by having great credit and a down payment and buying a nice home that’s in good condition because the interest rates are super low, so you know that you are locking in a fixed interest rate for 30 years.

When you rent, your monthly payment keeps skyrocketing with inflation and you can’t afford to take that chance as your monthly wage and income isn’t rising each year.

Lock in a low monthly payment and take advantage of the low fixed interest rates, and take control of your monthly expenses.

Then you can dream of your own remodeled kitchen

Dream of your own private deck up watch the sunrise and sunset

Dream of your own private yard

Dream of your own fireplace to keep you warm and cozy in the freezing winter

Dream of an amazing remodeled bathroom with jets and spa like treatment

To learn how to pay closer to $2499 month vs $4000 month on a 6 bedroom Minnesota home with rising rents than

this is NOT an offer for those who want to rent

Please contact me ONLY if you want to BUY

Text me below and let’s find you that 6+ bedroom home


Garrett Hilton

Bridge Realty

*we can not guarantee $2499 a month payment because credit scores and down payments vary by person, but historic low interest rates offer some of the best opportunities to make this happen in years.

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