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Ex Convicted Felon friendly Minneapolis, MN housing assistance programs near me avoid being denied on background checks on run down apartments

Ex Convicted Felon friendly Minneapolis, MN housing assistance programs near me avoid being denied on background checks on run down apartments

Avoid being denied on rental background checks, felony, misdemeanors buy your very own home with a 660+ score

If you have a past record as a felon or misdemeanor and are very concerned that you will waste hours and hundreds of dollars only to get DENIED on your background checks

And you want to get BUY and be APPROVED very soon for your very own house to OWN and NOT rent

Here’s what I have for you today…

We have Available Housing for past felons and misdemeanors

(I know it seems hard to believe since many like you often get stuck, but there are plenty of available homes if you just keep reading below….)

Here’s what it will do for you…

By BUYING the home You will find an EASY way to NOT have to deal with landlords, property managers, or being denied again and again on background checks

Here’s what you should to do Next

I would like you to read below to see exactly how you will qualify with big results based on your upfront money and great credit

We will help you with your Felon-Friendly Minneapolis Housing search this month

No more run down apartments

Are You looking for Felon-friendly housing in Minnesota this month?

Your solution below is for anybody with a Felony conviction, Misdemeanor, or Drug conviction

Some of your challenges I know make you frustrated, I only provide you a long list below just so you know this article solves the problems below….

You feel Stuck and feel like you are currently out of options…

You aren’t getting any calls back from Minnesota Landlords, or Minnesota property managers because of your past time in prison, jail and being on probation which has you denied on all of your background checks.

Unfortunately the worst part of all is the waiting and that most landlords and property managers aren’t even being honest to you that it’s the reason they are denying you each and every time.

We want to help you get APPROVED…

Getting denied, Is a lot of wasted time for you and a lot of waiting and waiting.

There is ONE new solution that makes us very different than others that only us will offer you hope today…

right now you continue to

Waste your hard-earned money on rental application fees, wasted money on background checks, way too many fees, costs and expenses.

As the weeks go on, you are very tired of the rejections, tired of being turned down, tired of being judged.

And you know why?

I’ll tell you exactly why…

Because No one has noticed that you have changed

Landlords don’t understand, or even listen to your story…

You aren’t being fully heard…

You just want a 2nd chance

You want a fresh start on life

Feeling stuck and feeling like you’ve lost hope as an Ex-convict is tough

What drives you to get out of bed every single day and go to work is that you are scared and Fear being homeless, the fear of living on the streets, forces you to take action

Now you are Ready to move-in to a home and now Ready to make a decision

Because you are:

Running out of time and

Running out of options

The 100s of other minnesota felons are getting to the properties faster than you so you keep missing out

The homes vanish off the market fast

You want stability in your life

You are tired of your past haunting you

You are ready to just move on today

You are tired of the process of moving trucks, packing boxes and asking for help moving every 6-12 months

You just want a Sympathetic landlord who realizes that sometimes people do make mistakes

You don’t want to be forced to live in high crime areas and get back into trouble all over again.

You feel you can’t show previous addresses or a rental history on your rental application because the gap in your timeline will reflect your time in jail

The good news for you is that there is ONE solution

You are about to be a hero to those close to you for getting a home when you find out what I’m about to tell you…

You are looking for a proven, predictable, credible option…

How to Qualify for a Minnesota Home

Imagine Qualify Financially and taking full ownership of your past and future

You already know that landlords will will ask you this week that you have good Qualifying monthly income and good Qualifying upfront money

The ONE answer for you is to qualify to OWN your very own MN home based on your great credit score and down Payment.

When you choose to OWN vs. Rent today

NO more Background Checks

NO Moving every 6-12 months

NO Landlords

NO Property Managers

What a level of freedom of peace of mind for you by owning

I want you to have an amazing home

To show friends and family

Fall in love in a local community

Be Near shopping and fun

Get a jacuzzi, fireplace, and private yard to call your very own.

Imagine your very own beautiful remodeled kitchen

You can Dream of watching the sunrise and sunsets on your decks each day

I know that you are one of thousands of felons in Minnesota looking for housing with limited inventory.

I also know that I have the ONE answer that thousands of past felons are looking for with felon-friendly housing, so here is who SHOULD NOT call me:

Who is NOT a good fit to call

Those who can’t make a decision today

Those afraid to text or call for help

Those who want to only rent

Those with less than a 660 credit score

Those with less than $10,000 saved

Those who only want to rent

Those who don’t follow through

Those with less than $40k+ household income

So reach out to me…

Unless you are NOT serious and don’t want change and just want to go back to renting then don’t call

But if you want a bright future, let’s get you into an amazing home of your very own this month

You have 3 options today

1. Do nothing

2. Do it yourself

3. Let me help you today

Please read full article above before contacting me

*This offer is NOT for rent

*This offer is for you to BUY

Please call or text me today and let’s get you into your future home this month

If you call me, and I’m in the middle of something and I tell you to call me back later, if you don’t actually call back later, I’ll just assume you aren’t that serious, or just found another property to rent.

Be the ONE who calls back

Text or call Garrett Hilton

Bridge Realty 763-221-4009

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