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Will The MN Housing Crash force me to sell as-is fast for cash?

Will The MN Housing Crash force me to sell as-is fast for cash?

Living in survival vs. living in creation Dr. Joe Dispenza from Gaia

This video is about how you perceive the world and how your emotions can control you. This video is from rewired from the Gaia series.

Stress can cause long-term effects on your body. It’s uncertainty or a feeling of a loss of control. I believe that when the real estate market crashes, and inventory builds up, that it becomes a very competitive environment for home sellers causing them to be very motivated.

3 types of stresses discussed:

Physical stress are like injuries or traumas

Chemical stress like the covid-19 virus

Emotional family deaths, money troubles which is a huge problem with probate, delinquencies, foreclosures, etc

In survival home owners can get into a fight or flight mode. Stress can become habitual and part of the wired neurons inside your brain.

If you live in emergency mode for a long time it can cause dis-ease and affect your immune system and makes you more prone to viruses and sicknesses.

Soon you become addicted to the housing situation that you got it, deliquency, behind on bills, maxed out credit cards. You must evolve past these emotions.

Other thoughts on the housing market crash and bubble

Your thoughts and emotions on selling your MN home fast for cash

Your thoughts and emotions can make you sick as discussed in this video. When you get the virus or sick then you are forced to stay home and not make money or hope you can get unemployment.

Don’t get caught in a cycle of falling behind on your mortgage payments where you fight to hold on to your home.

Often you need to become detached and sell your home and move into another home.

This environment of your home has negative emotions attached. You may feel that you are running out of time.

When your home is making you feel that you are in emergency mode you aren’t in a receptive creative mode. You will feel separated that’s why you should connect with me.

You will get into a very analytical state in survival thinking of the same situation over and over. You will prepare for the worst-case scenario in this stressful state. 70% of the time people are living in survival.

Living in creation is the opposite of living in survival. When you focus on the energy vs matter. When your energy and attention goes beyond time. It’s about broadening your focus and tuning in. Stop thinking and analyzing. You slow down brain activity. You turn off the neo cortex. You open your awareness. You synchronize neurons that connect with other neurons.

Your fear of losing your house can make you sick or be a self-fulfilling prophecy as you can later attract it. In the current economic environment it may not take much, but a furlough, or lay-off to fall behind on house payments.

You want to reach out so that I can introduce you to an Minnesota investor who will have more perspectives that you haven’t been able to think of.

If you are motivated to sell your Minnesota home and want to reach out to me my phone number is at the end of this article click here

Here is another video that I recommend from Dr. Joe Dispenza on the same subject of habitual thoughts.

How to unlock the full potential of your mind

Dr. Joe Dispenza on Impact Theory

The habit is where your body gets better at doing something more than your mind. People keep reliving the past, your thoughts and feelings recreate your life. The familiar past soon become your predictable future.

The video talks about our subconscious programs that we’ve 95% had since the age of 35. You must get past your analytical mind into your subconscious mind by slowing down your brain waves like listening to subliminals while you are sleeping.

You may be rehearsing your trauma or stress from your headaches with your houses. You can also mentally rehearse the future that you want visually inside your mind.

The negative emotions and neurons wired together become conditioned in your mind. This video is also about living in survival and how to go beyond it with a creation mindset.

Your body is the unconscious mind and doesn’t know the difference from an experience thought up or one that’s actually happening.

This video will remind you why we live in the matrix, and how we must escape it. It’s about making new choices and new decisions. You will have the choice of staying back in the familiar vs stepping into the unknown.

A lot will be discussed about the unknown and uncertainty.

you want a map to the future vs. a record of the past.

Dr. joe Dispenza will pose the question does your thinking create your environment or does your environment create your thinking?

Focus your energy into the present and don’t waste it being anxious about the future or worrying about the past.

The quantum field offers unlimited possibilities for you to tune into.

We think 60,000-70,000 thoughts per day and up to 90-98% of our thoughts are habitual and the same as the day before.

The trick is really to be conscious and aware of your subconscious thoughts.

Take action right now and text or call me to solve your repetive Minnesota housing situation that you’ve found yourself stuck in.

The goal of this article and two videos by Dr. Joe Dispenza is to realize as a motivated home owner that’s likely very motivated and either behind on payments, in foreclosure or have been put into a unwanted housing situation such as probate due to a death in the family, or inherited a house, or have a lot of deferred maintenance.

These videos are here to help you break the cycle of feeling stuck, so that you reach out to me and take action and think more about the solution vs. the problem. My goal is for you to step into creation vs. trying to play it safe in survival mode.

I can introduce you to investors with one or two decades plus of experience that understand your housing situation and how to solve it for yoh by either getting you cash for your house or buying your house with seller financing.

Once you realize that your own limited thinking has left you with very few options, it’s time to be open to new perspectives from the Minnesota investors on ways that you can sell your Minnesota home within the right time frame and under the right terms. They are here to offer creative solutions that make it a win-win for everyone involved in the transaction.

If you want to learn how selling of your minnesota home and negotiation will likely go click to read this my contact phone number will be at the end of that article.

We can discuss cash offers, down payments, terms, interest rates, years, seller financing like subject to, contract for deed, rent to own and so much more.

Seller financing offers a lot of creativity and many variables to ensure a win-win for everyone and it will get you a higher price than selling for a discount for cash.

What type of Minnesota home sellers are we looking to talk to? Motivated home sellers which have negative emotions tied to the unwanted property such as anger, hatred, fear, confusion, headache, restlessness, exhausted or something related.

The investors that I know what to offer you a solution, so that you no longer need to keep reliving those same negative emotions in your head every single day. The investors are here to help you break that emotional cycle.

The type of motivated home owners we want to talk to feel stuck in a ground hog day, they keep reliving the problem in an ongoing cycle, the house is at the center of the problem and they just want to be done with it.

Often they don’t want to list the home or have hundreds of covid-19 virus people trample through their home they just want to cut ties and be done with the home.

A common problem these days are people being in a sandwich generation and health problems.

A Parent has died and the siblings are inheriting a home through probate or someone is moving to assistant living or a long-term nursing home.

Nursing homes can cost over $100,000 per year and medical bills from health issues add up, so selling the home is a solution for these common problems.

This is a very emotional time for family and it’s important to work with a Minnesota investor who has worked with home owners and sellers in these situations.

Reaching out by text or phone gives you a chance to get your unique specific situation off your chest and be heard so that someone can listen, understand you, know how you feel and offer a solution to give you peace of mind.

If any of the potential solutions make sense and you like the investor that you are talking to than you can move forward of you feel comfortable.

It works best if you text your situation first as it helps to access and take in your full housing situation to fully understand the best solution to the specific situation as well as pairing up with the best investor.

Most Minnesota investors that I know have been working for 15-25 years with investing, so they have plenty of experience.

The more you get behind on payments and the more damage and deferred maintenance that your home or property has the fewer available buyers and the more of a discount you’ll get offered due to the time and risk involved for the investor.

In late 2020 the housing market is hot and homes sell quickly, but that isn’t expected to always be the case when lending gets tighter, foreclosures add up and inventory adds up. Houses sit on the market for a long time and home owners don’t want to wait 6-12 months to get an offer on a house, so this is when they often will sell for cash quickly, or look into seller financing options.

I would like you to move past your Shame, guilt or embarrassment and reach out with what’s on your mind.

I don’t want to see you struggle daily any more, I want you to have hope for your future.

It’s time to change your story today, don’t keep reliving it each and every day.

When you’ve had enough time to think about it and finally realize that you are ready to make a decision. You are mentally ready to move on from your Minnesota house.

The investors I work with will continues to get busier as the economy falls apart after 2020 with unemployment bleeding into bank lending and the housing market.

We are already seeing data showing that deliquencies, forebearance and foreclosure are adding up, so investors are already creating a line and pipeline of motivated sellers that are stuck and need a solution. I want to put you ahead of the others in line, so you don’t get caught later on waiting in line with a pressing problem where it’s important to be solved quickly.

This is why I need you to reach out even just to discuss your time frame and what you want to achieve when it comes to you and your families housing goals, so that we can put together a plan of you selling your home

We already know thousands are watching videos and reading articles, but we only care about the few taking action to reach out by text or phone, so we know which ones to work with.

By not taking that action of reaching out to me you are only holding yourself back each day as a bad habit. The housing problem will just continue each day.

Ask yourself this question, are you ok not making a decision today and having this same housing problem a week from now, a month from now, 5 years from now, what are you waiting for?

If this sounds like you, click here

“I’m ready, I’ve decided it’s time to sell my mn home as-is, fast cash offer!”

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