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How to buy or Sell a MN Contract for Deed Home in todays market

Are you a Motivated Home Seller who can’t afford $10,000 to $200,000 in repairs, $10,000-$200,000 in debt for 10-50 years, or offer seller financing for up to 10-50 years like competing banks to 10% down buyers?

We will cash out your discounted equity TODAY, or no discount on no repairs, with a FUTURE balloon payoff in only 5-10 years


A buyer with 20-50% down payment has way more options and a seller wanting less than 5-10% down payment has way more options.

The good news now is…

You DON’T need all cash today because you will be buying a contract for deed home in Minnesota…

there are TWO ways you will have the necessary 10-20% down payment needed to put down on the contract for deed that buy.

LIQUID way- You already have the money in your savings or checking account, or you quickly sell crypto, bitcoin, stocks, bonds, treasuries, cash out your 401k, IRA, get money from a friend or relative, or sell large items like tools, cars, trucks, boats etc to raise money.

HOME SELLER Equity NON LIQUID way- You need to sell your home, or one or more of your properties to get your equity to be liquid with a big check to have the 10-20% down payment needed upfront.  If you need to sell your Minnesota property first to get the equity for the down payment click here

Do you have Self-employed income?

Below I’ll show you how to upgrade your SELF-EMPLOYED LIFESTYLE, even with, hard to verify income, a recent foreclosure, bankruptcy, or bad credit.

…and best of all, no banks are needed…


(I know it sounds too good, but I’ve made it easy to understand it’s possible, if you keep reading)….


Here’s what you should do next….

Read below on how I’ll help you be positioned and framed as a strong Minnesota contract for deed buyer in a very competitive sellers market that has extremely low housing inventory in real estate, with our new, different, predictable proven way of buying without a bank, as we are one of the only with experience doing it this way.

It’s easy and almost anybody, any lifestyle, with good income and a big down payment can buy.

Because there are no banks involved, You can close on your home very quickly

When you have more money upfront and a higher payment, it will ensure more options resulting in a faster easier closing.


It’s a somewhat competitive market still right now, the only reason I share this with you is that I need you to do your best with the max rent and max down payment that you can afford, so that you can be positioned in front of the other buyers.

It’s ALREADY pretty common to get a buyer with $25,000 upfront that can pay a $2000 month payment

$50,000 upfront affording $3500 month for example, $80,000 year verifiable income with bank statements is a little more rare.

Want to know how to be the winning offer against competing offers of other contract for deed buyers?


PLEASE NOTE: At this time this program is so popular and inventory is so extremely low, that the #1 thing I need you to let me know is the max that you can come up with upfront for a down payment.

If you have $50,000 available, don’t tell me that you only have $20,000, you can tell me you’d rather only put up $30,000, but that you actually have $50,000.

We need a range because the line of buyers is still a little bit strong, and off market inventory is lower and as you know the listed homes are selling within weeks.

If you put up $30,000 to $50,000 down just as an example we can motivate homeowners off market who were NOT even thinking of selling to sell, this increases your possibility a lot higher.

So to repeat, 10% down + months in reserves is the program, but due to current low inventory we recommend being very upfront with is about your total amount max available as a backup option if more is needed.”

I am always marketing for more motivated sellers in Minnesota to find more inventory

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To see how this unique CD program works for homes near you, keep reading…

what is a contract for deed definition?

A contract between the buyer and seller of land or a property where the seller provides the buyer financing in the purchase, and the buyer then repays the loan with installment payments then often pays it off with a balloon payment with a refinance and then receives the deed.

How does a contract for deed work?

the seller holds the deed while the buyer makes payments over a period of time until it’s paid off and the seller then gives them the deed to the property.  The buyer puts down a down payment on the property and the buyer is the new owner of the property and would agree to pay insurance and property taxes.

If You are looking to Buy a Minnesota Contract for Deed Home Today

Do You have a self-employed income Lifestyle?

You Will need 10%-20% down payment

NO banks needed

A big settlement for the down payment can even work

Below I will provide my private cell phone number to TEXT me later on, keep reading…

Because of your damaged credit, hard to prove income, you find yourself always denied by banks

Often the equity from selling your Minnesota home is the source of your down payment to buy a contract for deed.

You are about to look like a hero to your family and have your family smiling in no time.

A Minnesota contract for deed is a form and example of seller owner financing, so the good news is that you won’t need to use a bank at all upfront for qualifying.

Let’s go over the many top reasons that, someone like you has real life challenges, and then decides to purchase on a Minnesota contract for deed:

House prices are going up every month so many of you want to act fast and buy before the price goes up again next month.

You’ve been Denied for ‘hard to verify’ Self-employed income

You’ve been Denied for Written-off taxable income

You’ve been denied because it’s hard to prove your cash income source

You’ve been Denied for having less than 2 years at the same job

ISO (in search of) a cd home months

You’ve been denied for bad credit in the past

You’ve been denied for a past bankruptcy

You’ve been denied for a past foreclosure

You’ve been denied for a past short sale

You’ve been denied for a past loan modification

You are currently behind on your home payments

You are currently in foreclosure

You’ve been Denied for a past eviction U/D

You’ve been Denied on a background check

You’ve been Denied for a bank loan

You’ve been Denied for too high of a Debt-to-income ratio

You’ve been Denied as a renter for smoking

You’ve been Denied as a renter for refusing to separate from your dog(s) or cat(s)

You’ve been denied on a background check

You’ve been denied for a past eviction or U/D

Tired of MN Landlords rejecting your self-employed income source?

Tired of Large MN corporate-owned property Management companies rejecting your self-employed income source?

You write-off most of your self-employed income on your taxes

You have up and down months of inconsistent income especially with covid

You may have Little to no credit history

You may have a Past late payments

As a business owner many of your customers may pay you in cash

You own on a contract for deed right now, but your balloon is ready to expire

How to buy with an owner seller financing contract for a home for sale that’s near me

Here’s how you will qualify:

The investor will want to do a full income verification by seeing your bank statements and pay stubs, and drivers license or ID.

The investor will want to understand your major bills for your debt-to-income ratio so that he knows you can afford the monthly payments

You have been searching for a contract for deed home near me…This program is exclusively limited to the 7 county area within the twin cities here in Minnesota

We can help you with the contract for deed statutes specific to Minnesota

Please text me if you have any questions that come up, the phone number is below, so please write it down.

for your payment calculator use some of this math as an example

If you buy a $350,000 home you will need $35,000 as the down payment

If you buy a $400,000 home you will need $40,000 as the down payment

If you buy a $500,000 home you will need $50,000 as the down payment

And of course remember to have a little extra money in your account for reserves for repairs and an emergency fund.

Other experienced Minnesota contract for deed sellers would charge you 30%-40% upfront as a down payment and can get it, so you would be paying $80,00 to $120,000 upfront with other sellers, so the amount we are charging upfront of 10%-20% is very easy in comparison. Most listed homes are even getting many all cash offers.

So please don’t text me with only $10,000 to $20,000 upfront for a contract for deed because we have more than enough contract for deed buyers who are motivated with more money upfront than $25,000, already and we have to spend a lot of effort to get more inventory. It’s easier to get a match when you have $35,000 to $75,000.

Expect a small markup in price so that the investor can make a profit.

Also keep in mind that we are in a very competitive market in the summer of 2021 and we must offer well over the listing price just for the investor to win against the other offers. Be prepared to pay a premium before you call to start the process.

The Interest rate to you is competitive for seller financing (we do NOT charge high interest rates like some of the competition)

(There is a great opportunity for you to refinance your Minnesota contract for deed home in the future at a lower interest rate to save money on interest)

On google, some buy on a contract for deed to get private land and some do it for a unique lake property. You want to search a ‘contract for deed near me’

Minnesota Contract for Deed You Qualifying to purchase

Employment Requirements:

A job and income source is required

You can’t be layed off or unemployed

Don’t try to do this process all by yourself…

Most home sellers with listings won’t offer seller financing for a CD in real estate, or even know what it is, local statutes, or how the forms work, so you WILL waste hours, weeks and even months in some cases, trying to educate a seller on what a Minnesota contract for deed is, just to end up hearing the word ‘no’ over and over.

How is this amazing rare opportunity even possible for you today?

Our investor associate has access to a lot of credit and money to finance through a proven successful business model with a great relationship through a local Minnesota bank, so he can sell these mn homes to you on a win-win program for your benefit.

contract for deed Pros

Why you should choose a Minnesota contract for deed home purchase instead of: a rent to own, lease option or renting

You want a Minnesota contract for deed to buy over a rent to own, if you have the down payment money upfront, because you’ll have a higher level of ownership in the home vs. a lease option.  An investor will help you with the blank template forms when the time comes with the agreement.

You want a Minnesota contract for deed over a lease option, if you have the money upfront because will be much easier to get a refinance with a Minnesota contract for deed vs. a new purchase with a rent to own

When Renting, you don’t build any equity the money all goes to the landlord

When renting, you have to deal with short leases, a landlord that often doesn’t fix the home, and a landlord who could sell the home at anytime, forcing you to move often.

contract for deed cons

so much buyer demand that mn housing inventory listings are low and you have to be super ready with the down payment to compete

Let’s review who is NOT a good fit and Will NOT qualify for the Minnesota contract for deed program today?

Those who are NOT decisive

Those who DO NOT take action

Those who DO NOT follow up

Those who DO NOT easily answer their phone or reply back within 24 hours

If you don’t communicate your intentions clearly upfront you are NOT a good fit

Anyone who has less than 10% down Is not a good fit for this program

If you don’t have a job or a verifiable income source you will NOT qualify

If you are unemployed or laid off you will NOT qualify

Those with very limited income, for example, only $1000 a month disability income, will NOT qualify for today’s home prices

Outside the 7 county twin cities area is outside our focus area of purchase

Before you contact me please be prepared to text, reply, talk by phone, follow up, and put in the effort of getting approved with pay stubs, bank statements, having updated taxes done and knowing some of your major bills so that you can lock-in an approval to negotiate price and term offers for this exclusive Minnesota contract for deed program and secure your place in line for an appointment to start negotiating offers on price and terms on Minnesota homes.

You really need 10% to 20% or more of a down payment to text me. that’s $30,000 to $75,000 down payment range, again you can have bad credit since there are no banks involved, it’s seller financing.

This program is really designed for owner occupants, let me know upfront if you are an investor buyer.

You have 3 options:

Do nothing

Do it yourself

Let me help you

If you don’t want to buy and close in the next 30-45 days or less please save my number and text me then in the future. I’m looking for people who have the 10-20% upfront for the down payment. I’m looking for those with decent job of income and will follow up over until you get your dream house. I’m looking for serious buyers.

Please watch this video about home buying and tell me which emotion you feel when you text me

Many of you know that by waiting the house prices may go up even more by next month, so what are you waiting for.

So if you’ve found yourself saying anything like these 3 sentences…

“I’m ISO of buying a contract for deed home in ______ city with ___ bedrooms.”

“I’m looking to buy a contract for deed home in ______ city.”

“I’m motivated and interested in buying a contract for deed home in ______ city and have the down payment ready.”

”I’m motivated enough to start seeing homes in person  in 30 days or less.”

Please TEXT first, don’t call, because I get too many robo and spam calls and I don’t use voicemail.

TEXT Me at

(612) 434-5606

Ron Orr

Real Estate Investor

What makes a property owner motivated?

Can’t afford payments

Can’t afford falling prices

No money to refinance

Inflation used up their savings

Property taxes and insurance skyrocketed

ARM payment escalated

Divorce or seperation, custody

Failed investor

Speculation failed

Death in family



Move out of state for family

Job out of state

Deliquent HOA fees

HOA fees went up too fast

No money to fixup or finish

Unemployed, forex, layoff

Unemployment or stimulus ran out

Renter isn’t paying

Renter caused a lot of damage

Burnt out landlord

Deferred maintenance

Can’t afford utilities

Doesn’t want to be a landlord

Builder needs to move inventory fast

Expired listing


Ready to downsize

Can’t afford housing crash 


Major Health issues

Big medical bills collections

Massive credit card debt

Behind on payments

In foreclosure or redemption period 

Loan mod won’t work

Upside down in short sale situation

Walked away from the property

Can’t manage out of state

Major fire damage

Major water damage

Major mold damage

Can’t afford unexpected city fees

Estate sale

Depreciation recapture on taxes

1031 exchange deadline

Delinquent Liens

Delinquent levies

Mechanics liens

Delinquent personal taxes

Condemned from city

Code enforcement violation

Failed Airbnb cash flow

City won’t allow Airbnb

Negative cash flow monthly

Possible tear down

Major siding, roofing & window expenses

No Insurance to fixup

Full of junk and trash

Owe people money

Capital call or margin call

Couldn’t sell FSBO

Free and clear need payments

Too young for reverse mortgage

Out of money, time, energy & options

Crime in local area

Eviction moratorium

Can’t afford time or money on evictions

No equity left

Kids left house, too much house

Expecting a baby

Recent marriage

Agent couldn’t sell or find buyers

Mortgage person couldn’t get approval

Major storm damage

Zoning issue

Environmental issue

Low demand location

Railroad Track or power lines

Calculated ARV or fixup wrong

Contractors left with their money

Can’t split lot

Absentee owners

Disagreement with siblings

Balloon mortgage due

They were defrauded

They committed a crime

Bad economy

Wholesaler left them stuck

Bank wants keys or REO

Redemption period deadline

Non working utilities

Lost a lot in crypto

Lost a lot in stocks

Lost a lot in 401k

Lost a lot in pension

Paying for family assisted living

Paying for family nursing home

Paying for family group home

Parents or family has health expenses

Cars being repossessed

Landscaping & curb appeal too expensive

Rental is out of local area

Too busy with life

Too busy to chase rents

Too busy to manage

Doesn’t want lots of showings

Hard to show with tenants and condition

Not selling on MLS

Not financeable

Non-conforming bedroom

Poor manager operator

Investor wants money out

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