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Minnesota home loans: Checking your Credit Karma, Equifax, Trans Union, Fico, or Experian scores online to buy a Minnesota home today

Minnesota home loans: Checking your Credit Karma, Equifax, Trans Union, Fico, or Experian scores online to buy a Minnesota home today

I’ve had people come to be asking to connect with a loan expert because they have questions about what they qualify for based on their current credit score today.

You may only know your credit Karma score which is a score that lenders don’t use. I haven’t found that credit karma number to have meaning to a loan expert.

It’s a great conversation starter, and I’m sure that it helps people understand about their credit history. It helps you to start improving and paying on time and correcting errors on your credit report.

Minnesota Mortgage experts will likely pull all 3 credit bureaus and often use the middle score to be safe.

Pulling your credit affects it a little, bit not much and when you apply for a car loan or home loan their are windows of days you can pull it a few times without that much of an affect on your credit score.

The credit bureaus vary some on their scoring models and collecting data. They also range from 300 to 850 credit scores.

A lot of loan qualifying starts at a 580+ credit score and VA can be done without being credit score driven, but 60-Day late reported payments will affect it.

Equifax, Experian, & TransUnion to get your credit score to buy a MInnesota home today

Many people like yourself will monitor and check their consumer credit score on equifax, experience, or transunion and be able to track alerts or identity theft and get a pretty accurate idea of the credit score a lender would see and what credit history a lender would see.

Checking your credit online can be helpful also as you can test what-if scenarios like: if you paid off a couple credit cards or paid down a couple of balances would your credit score go up and about how much. Your credit score is always updating and it’s a great way to be aware of potential identity theft.

I’ve known of local Minnesota mortgage experts who do rescores of your credit score with those who are very close to a 580 score such as a 570 score. It helps to know this data upfront, so that you can adjust and make a plan.

Knowing you have a great credit score is a powerful thing and keeping it accurate and up to date. Year after year I always see that Minnesotans are #1 in the nation for the average highest credit score.

Buying a Minnesota Home

If you are looking into buying a Minnesota home and have an idea what your credit score is and you believe that you may be able to qualify for a home loan then we could have you talk to a local loan expert to pull your recent credit score with the 3 credit bureaus so we know if you are disqualified, have a chance to qualify, or just need a little credit score guidance to assist your credit score to go up.

It’s not uncommon for the 3 main credit bureaus to reflect different info and have very different credit scores from 300 to 850 like I mentioned above.

I see most people in the 500s and 600s for credit scores and often many have a good chance based on that to improve their credit and get financing. It’s going to be much easier if you have a 700+ credit score.

I hope to here from you soon on live messenger chat

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