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Your Move-in timeline for Your Minnesota Home Loan and Buying process

Your Move-in timeline for Your Minnesota Home Loan and Buying process

As you are ready to communicate on messenger about a Minnesota home loan to buy a beautiful home I’m sure you are wondering about the timeline for the process.

There are some people who get on messenger who have a 600+ credit score with 5%+ down payment, w-2 forms working at the same place for years, no collections, bank statements, recent tax forms, and other documents when needed.

Others get on messenger and may not come back on for awhile as they need to pay off a couple smaller collections to have a better chance at a pre-approval with USDA and to raise their credit score 30-50 points. Sometimes you need a few months to save for the past part of a down payment.

Some people need time to talk to a spouse to be in agreement, others need time to wrap their head around what city they want to live in or what type of place such as condo, townhome, or single family home.

Minnesota home price point when buying

It’s hard to know thigh without knowing what your price point is and that usually comes from an in depth conversation about your total income from all jobs, disability, child support, side jobs, as well as knowing your total expenses like car payments and student loans.

It’s not uncommon for people to slow down while getting a full-time job or waiting on a spouse to get a full-time job. Most of all you have to decide you want to buy vs. renting.

Messenger Live Chat when buying a Minnesota home loan

I’ve set up a messenger chat live Facebook group for you to be nearby until you are ready to chat live and get answers to your most important questions in the decision process on your journey of buying or selling a Minnesota home.

Messenger is meant to be a great way to discuss at your own pace and be comfortable with the process of learning about how the journey goes.

I look forward to chatting with you live on messenger today.

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