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How to take advantage of your VA entitlement with a 100% Minnesota home loan for: Air Force, National Guard, Marines, Army, or Navy?

Popular home loan programs when buying a Minnesota home

I’ve been surprised a lot this year by how many veterans didn’t realize they could get 100% financing because they re a veteran. We’ve seen many people interested with below a 500 credit score.

We would like to talk to you no matter what your credit score is. We saw a happy person close on a home last month with a 475 credit score For a VA loan.

It’s a great way to buy a home when your credit score isn’t great, or you don’t have a lot saved for a down payment.

Also the debt-to-income requirements are easier in general on VA vs. other types of loans.

At the current time we want to talk to anyone over a zero score. Under 500 score may require a good letter of explanation for the lender and a good reason such as: medical bills, health issues, divorce, etc

That’s the standards for now, but hurry as the requirements in the future may get tougher.

One thing we do run in specifically right now with the veterans is if you’ve had any late payments on bills over 60 days late this will be tougher to get you qualified for the loan through any easy automated underwriting.

Our recommendation is to have you work with our credit coach on establishing some consecutive months of on-time payments to show on your record for the lender to see to get a manual underwriting approval.

It’s always very important to make your payments on-time as 30+ day lates can delay or deny you with many bank programs in general.

You’ll notice after the online app that A mortgage person will ask you for paperwork like bank statements, pay stubs and even a DD214 form

VA home loan program when buying a Minnesota home

Right now the veteran program is most popular with the:

-Air Force

-National Guard




this is the most popular program that I see right now because the qualifying standards are very easy and it gives you an ama omg opportunity to build equity and buy a beautiful home.

This easy of qualifying standards may not be around forever so reach out as soon as the timing feels right and you are motivated.

We appreciate your service to our country and if you ever have questions, or want to start a conversation on this please look for the motivated buyer link on the website, read the programs and message me at the link provided

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Find out about the Minnesota contract for deed program here

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