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Are you behind on your property taxes? Sell your Minnesota home as-is fast cash

Are you behind on your property taxes? Sell your Minnesota home as-is fast cash

If you don’t pay your Minnesota property taxes for a long time, about 3-5 years depending on the county, then your Minnesota house or property will go through the tax forfeiture process right here in Minnesota.

The tax forfeiture process will send you a letter which says “notice of expiration of redemption rights.”

A notice of expiration of redemption rights right here in Minnesota is a letter from the county where your house is located saying that you have fallen behind on your property taxes.

Some people will be forced to look into chapters 13 or chapter 7 as a possible solution, but today let’s discuss you selling your Minnesota property.

The reason you got behind is different with so many from a death in the family, stacking medical bills, a lay-off or lost job, or simply getting behind on bills.

Maybe you are barely able to keep up with your mortgage payments on the home and you’ve kept the bank, your lender, happy for now so you haven’t had to worry about your house getting foreclosed on for now.

Even if you are current on your mortgage payments and insurance if you don’t keep up with your property taxes, the county will come after your house. First with a lien and later get the home through the tax forfeiture process.

Don’t lose all of your equity sell as-is fast

You don’t want to lose all of the equity and principle pay down that you have waited years to gain.

Your homes equity is likely your retirement and if you are way behind on property taxes you could lose it all.

I’d suggest selling your Minnesota house. Maybe your minnesota house isn’t in great shape to sell right now and it’s dated or needs a lot of work.

Maybe it has a lot of damage and major repairs are needed. Sometimes even selling at a discount on a contract for deed to get enough of a down payment to pay your back property taxes can be a smart move.

Sell your Minnesota property before Is too late and the time clock is up and you run out of time and back in the streets looking for a new place.

I’ve put a motivated Minnesota home seller link right here for you to click and text me if you want to discuss your specific situation with your Minnesota home.



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