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out-of-state Minnesota homeowner, sell as-is fast

out-of-state Minnesota homeowner, sell as-is fast

Is your Minnesota house vacant and you now live thousands of miles away?

This can be frustrating maybe your house didn’t sell, your job relocated you or a renter trashed your property.

When you live many states away and thousands of miles away it’s hard to be able to check up on your Minnesota property for break-ins, property damage, hail damage, or other things that keep you up at night.

Once you live in another state your rental property or a vacant property just becomes a total expense and headache to you.

You lose control of your timeline and the cost to keep making payments on a second house really add up and deplete your emergency savings and hurt your monthly cash flow a lot.

Of course you don’t want to miss any payments and ruin your credit, go into foreclosure or give the house back because your credit is very important to you.

You fear getting that bad call in the middle of the night of water, or fire damage and just the thought of it stresses you out or causes anxiety.

You don’t have a simple solution, renting it out isn’t an option and you may have thought of listing it, or it didn’t sell.

Each month it sits it gets more dust, increases the probability of some unforeseen problem and it stresses you out even more.

Can’t keep making double payments

Sell as-is fast for cash

You simply can’t keeping making double payments because it’s affecting your financial life and you are soon to run out of your savings.

Refi on the property is not a good long-term fix.

This property is just bleeding cash and is simply a money pit and has created a negative emotion now in your life. It’s a thorn in your side.

You are very motivated with the situation of this house, leave it behind, cut ties and just sell it without all of this hassle.

You can’t be there for every showing and to clean the place each and every time. You have another life in another state and you just need to be completely done with this minnesota property and hassle.

If you are motivated to sell your out of state Minnesota please text me online. I provide a ‘motivated seller’ link for you to click.



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